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interface, new features and operation, all you need to remember

The Mountain View firm has carried out a major update of its Google Pay application: interface, new features and deployment, we summarize the main information to remember.

Google Pay

Google Pay has the right to a nice overhaul // Gamesdone: Google

With over 150 million monthly users from 50 different countries, the Google Pay app has a solid foundation that Google intends to maintain. Better still: the Californian group wants to inflate it, and does not hesitate to profoundly transform its payment service on Android mobile devices. In this, a major overhaul was announced by the firm across the Atlantic in a new blog post.

First of all, note that only the United States is initially affected by this update. But it’s a safe bet that the rest of the world is also gradually benefiting. No more chatterboxes, and let’s get to the heart of the matter. The home Google Pay pays a little lifting by replacing its traditional main interface, where the list of transactions and other cards appear, with carousels linked to your favorite contacts and businesses.

Aesthetic evolutions

For each contact and business registered, a “conversation” is created, within which the various transactions can be viewed. A user is also able to create a group to split a restaurant bill, as an example, and keep track of financial movements. Google Pay will even act as a Tricount by telling you who owes how much to whom.

Google Pay

This is what the new main interface will look like // Gamesdone: Google

From this main interface, a user can order food in more than 100,000 restaurants, but also buy gasoline from 30,000 gas stations, says Google. Paying for parking in more than 400 cities directly from the app will also be possible, while other payment methods will arrive in the near future.

Save you money

“Explore” will act as the second main tab of the application, and will seek to save you money. How? ‘Or’ What ? By offering you discount coupons instantly available from the application, which will be compatible with a list of businesses offered by Google. The idea is to save you time by avoiding an Internet search. To take advantage of it, all you need to do is click on it.

Google Pay

Examples of “conversations” between your contacts and businesses // Gamesdone: Google

Through the “Insights” tab, Google Pay also seeks to better understand and organize your expenses, with a new search filter that allows you to find a specific transaction more quickly: type “food”, “last month” or “restaurants Mexicans ”to find the bit rates for those keywords. Not to mention the display of trends and other periodic summaries of your spending.

New banking service

The platform goes even further, since it is able to search and integrate receipts directly from Gmail or Google Photos (after authorization), to complete your financial monitoring, further explains The Verge.

Google Pay

Google Pay

The four-colored colossus finally presents a brand new banking service by the name of Flex, offered through eleven banks and credit unions now partners of Google. This new feature includes current accounts without any monthly fees or overdraft fees. No minimum balance is also required. For The Verge, the group simply lets banks use Google Pay as a banking application.

Flex will be available from 2021.

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