Sunday, May 16

Intel goes graphics offensive with Xe Max

Here is the Swift 3X, a new ultraportable developed by Acer with Intel.

We already knew the Acer Swift 3. Here is now its successor taking advantage of the new Intel processors, the Swift 3x. No revolution in terms of design, it’s what happens inside the PC that is interesting.

Hello Intel Xe MAX

To our knowledge, the Acer Swift 3x is indeed one of the first PCs to integrate a dedicated Intel Iris Xe Max graphics chip. Like a GeForce or a Radeon, it is not a chip integrated into the central processor, but quite independent on the motherboard of the machine. The intelligence of the machine will therefore go through two Intel chips, first an 11th generation Intel processor, and then this graphics chip which will have to compete with the solutions from Nvidia or AMD.

The rest of the machine’s features are unfortunately not as interesting and Acer’s statement is not very talkative. We have a 14-inch IPS screen covering 84% of the chassis, a Wi-Fi 6 connection, Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and an announced autonomy of 17 hours 30 minutes that will have to be judged in test.

Below the 1000 euros mark

The good news is that Acer announces a selling price of 999 euros, for an ultraportable with a dedicated graphics chip it is rather affordable. It remains to test what this chip offers to know if the machine is really competitive. It will be marketed from November.

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