Wednesday, April 14

innovation goes through a laser to shine the dust

We are not talking about a broom vacuum cleaner on Frandroid, but the Dyson V15 Detect intrigues us because it has been full of new technologies. For example, he uses a laser to shine the hidden dirt and dust.

We don’t deal with what isn’t normally connected, nonetheless we were surprised with the latest cordless stick vacuum from Dyson. The latter introduces a laser to shine the dust.

A laser that shines the dust?

We like to test robot vacuums on Frandroid because they are connected and almost intelligent, and we generally don’t approach stick vacuum cleaners… because they are not at all autonomous and not at all connected.

Nevertheless, the new V15 Detect is interesting. The British manufacturer of cordless vacuum cleaners introduced a technology used by robot vacuums, a laser, but this time for a whole different purpose. On robots, this laser is used to map your interior. Here it is used to shine the dust.

Using a laser, a small lens on the front of the brush projects a cone of green light onto the ground at an angle of 1.5 degrees, which literally shines on the dust. This new technology allows the user to illuminate even the smallest dirt particles so that they can vacuum the floor thoroughly. Note that you still have to do it yourself.

Regarding other features, the Dyson V15 can vacuum for up to 60 minutes. Dyson also introduced a technology that adapts the suction power to the surface. It is automatically increased on carpets, such as robot vacuums, which then reduces suction time.

Another special feature is the improved main brush: it now incorporates small teeth that ensure that hair and bristles no longer get stuck. This is a technology that could be used on robot vacuums where you have to regularly remove the hairs tangled around the central brush, especially when you have pets.

As you have seen, there is a built-in color LCD display which indicates the remaining battery life, it now displays the suction force, but also the size and quantity of dirt particles sucked in. We can see, above, the distribution by particle size, with dirt of 10 microns, more than 60 microns, more than 180 microns and more than 500 microns. The Dyson V15 also integrates a new filter system that ensures that, according to the manufacturer, 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns are retained.

In short, all these technologies have a cost, the Dyson V15 Detect will be sold for 800 dollars in the United States… we are now awaiting confirmation of availability and a price for the French market.

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