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Ina Gelbert (Xbox France) answers your questions

From cloud gaming to the Xbox fridge through her taste for Assassin’s Creed or being a woman in the video game industry, Ina Gelbert, the boss of Xbox France, answered straightforwardly to the questions that readers of Frandroid asked him.

Ina Gelbert, Director of Xbox France

Ina Gelbert, Director of Xbox France // Gamesdone: Capture Xbox TV

A console launch doesn’t happen that often. Ina Gelbert had her very first experience as director of Xbox France. With the Xbox Series X and Series S on the right track, she took the time to answer the questions Frandroid readers asked her on our social networks.

For the answers to your more technical questions about the new consoles, it’s here!

Is it possible to get an Xbox Series X today if we haven’t pre-ordered it?

INA GELBERT: It depends on the brands. There are other stocks arriving today. The brands have visibility on the stocks they have until the end of the year. They will restore availability according to the distribution methods that are possible, if the stores will open before the end of the year. That’s all that matters, but you have to stay on the lookout. There are other stocks that are going to be made available now. When and where? It is more a decision of the brands than of us.

Can we subscribe to Xbox All Access at this time?

If you have ordered from Micromania, it is possible to transform a reservation into All Access. This is proposed a little before going to retrieve the console. The brand does it in waves. On the other hand, for Fnac, this will be possible as soon as the dedicated spaces in the stores reopen.

Will Xbox exclusives arrive in Game Pass for mobile on xCloud?

Cloud gaming is integrated with Game Pass Ultimate in beta. We never stop enriching it. We also look at the games that are played, the duration, the reactions of the players. We compare with consumption on console. We continue to learn from the cloud gaming experience to define what it will really be. Maybe the Day One exclusives will be there in the final version as well. We analyze all that.

We often see translation problems in the French version of Microsoft games. How can we report it?

It is true that we had some giggles. We have actions on our side. We are sometimes asked to validate certain translations. Some are made by people of French mother tongue, others automatically. The “Indie Games” games had once been translated as “Indian Games”. You have to understand that there is a lot of data to translate each time. Sometimes we miss it. When it comes to us, we try to have quick action.

On Sea of ​​Thieves, machine translation has replaced

On Sea of ​​Thieves, machine translation changed “Present” to gift // Gamesdone: Screenshot / Microsoft Studios

Who came up with the idea for the Xbox fridge?

We all had the idea, but it was the Americans who managed it. It was to bounce back on the same after the live. If we were not in confinement, I can tell you that there would have been a French fridge in our premises, at the Fan Fest or at Paris Games Week. I think it’s great that we can bounce back from things that we see happening on the networks. As for the console that smoked and see the official account that reacts. That’s the Xbox spirit too, being able to laugh about these things and share with the community.

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Is it complicated to be a woman at the head of a video game company?

It’s complicated for a reason: it’s having this question every time. Internally at Microsoft, the question has never arisen as to whether, as a woman, it might be a brake in this industry. Qhen I took up my duties, the question bothered me because I had the impression that somewhere, they were always putting this in my face, saying ” Maybe you got the job because you’re a woman. It’s a world of machos. Are you going to get by? Etc. “. At the end of the day, I think to myself that just brings up the subject, to say that this is something that is not yet common, even though the statistics say that half of the players are female players. But when we look at the representation of women in the industry, we are not there at all or even elsewhere.

How can we get your sneakers?

I went through someone who customizes sneakers. I wanted to have sneakers in the colors of Xbox. We are several in the team to have been done. It was a way to take ownership of this launch. We always make T-shirts, things like that, but then, the sneakers were the next step. They are very beautiful, but I keep them.

What is your favorite game ?

I really like the Assassin’s Creed franchise. I can’t wait to start the last one (AC Valhalla, editor’s note). It’s my style of play born if only for all the atmosphere and the characters that are in the license. Overall I find it fabulous. I learn a lot from this type of experience. And otherwise, I’m more into small games. I did Tell me why, for example. It is this kind of adventure that I really like. I will be remaking Ori in 120Hz too. I’m not necessarily into shooting games.

A game that you never took the time to play properly?

Cuphead ! I find it very fun, but I rage over it. I can’t, really. I’m not moving forward in this game. I think someone should come next to me, get me through all the bosses I can’t get past and help me just so I can tell myself at one point when I reached at least 50% of the game. Being able to say to myself “Me too, I did it!” ” I dream about it.

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