Monday, April 12

in one year, the browser has become 10 times more popular

The Microsoft Edge browser is enjoying growing success thanks to its updates. The browser dethroned Firefox and now targets Safari.

Gone are the days when the browser offered by Microsoft for Windows was the most popular browser in the world (thank you for the default installation!).

Google Chrome by far dominates the browser market with over 60% market share, far ahead of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and others.

If Internet Explorer still managed to recover 3.7% of users on PC in March 2020, Microsoft Edge was on the verge of extinction with only 0.57% of users. Twelve months later, Microsoft seems to have succeeded in its bet.

A great evolution in twelve months

The Statcounter site indicates that Microsoft Edge now has 8% of browser users, just ahead of Mozilla Firefox (7.97%). With this trend, Microsoft’s browser could quickly take second place in the market to Safari (10%).

The PC browser market in March 2021

The PC browser market in March 2021 // Gamesdone: Statcounter

For a year, Microsoft has offered a new version of its browser, now based on Chromium like Google Chrome. Microsoft is adding a number of rather welcome features, such as an intelligent reduction of notifications, an integrated QR code generator, or even parameters to better lock the collection of data by the sites. In addition, there are various optimizations that allow Edge to consume less than Chrome, in particular thanks to better management of unused tabs.

Of course, this is not what Microsoft owes the new success of Edge to. The new browser is now the default browser for Windows 10, which is naturally pushing its adoption among users of the operating system.

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