Tuesday, March 9

in France too, it sells like hot cakes

The boss of Nintendo France evokes double-digit growth for sales of the Switch in France in 2020. The past year has been one of records for the hybrid console.

It’s no longer a surprise: the Nintendo Switch is a huge commercial success. In France, 2020 has been a particularly prolific year with sales that continue to grow to the delight of Philippe Lavoué.

The general manager of Nintendo France does not hide his satisfaction in an interview with the media Les Echos. ” Growth is in double digits compared to the previous year. What is atypical for a console in its fourth year of operation », He explains.

Soon more sales than the Wii?

He adds that normally, at this point, sales of a console start to stagnate or even decline. The Nintendo Switch in France, however, promises to have a life cycle “longer than usual average ».

Today, the hybrid console flirts with the 5 million copies sold in France and is therefore approaching the Nintendo Wii record which peaks at 6.5 million.

Thank you Animal Crossing

Overall, the confinement periods have greatly benefited the video game sector and the Nintendo Switch has been particularly attractive. Especially since the console has greatly benefited from the launch of the gameAnimal Crossing : New Horizonswhose success was dazzling.

It was a real frenzy that allowed us to greatly expand our player base. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has established itself as the number one reason to buy a Switch in France.

In 2021, Nintendo France intends to consolidate this success by taking advantage in particular of the next flagship games of the Super Mario and Monster Hunter franchises. More generally, let us also remember that a future Nintendo Switch with an OLED screen and a 4K compatible dock would be in preparation, but we do not know when it could officially see the light of day.

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