Sunday, October 25

In black and white, the best way to reduce your addiction to mobile

How many hours do you spend during the day looking at your mobile? There are many tricks to reduce the time we spend glued to this device, but there is one that seems infallible. We all claim that work forces us to always be on the phone. From the mobile we receive emails, calls, messages, read articles, watch videos, anything. But that also means spending too many hours of the day staring at the screen. Some people have developed a strong addiction to this device, they consult it every few minutes even if they do not have any notification and they can spend hours diving on the net or playing video games. How can we help these people lose interest in the smartphone? Removing the color from the mobile, returning to black and white. Mobile manufacturers have long included the function of leaving the entire screen in a gray scale. It is clear that looking at Instagram or YouTube all the time in black and white is much less interesting. The World Health Organization has just updated the list of mental illnesses. For the first time, video game addiction is included. This is defended by former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris, who has founded the Center for Humane Technology so that technology and devices help improve life, not create more complications. Colors are a positive reinforcement, our brain is instinctively attracted to color by brightness. To make your phone less attractive and make you want to get up from your chair and go for a walk in the street, each brand has its trick. Here are the steps you should take depending on how your phone is. iPhone: Settings> Accessibility> Display> Color Filters Android: Settings> Digital Wellbeing> Sleep Mode (set by hours and intensity) Samsung: Settings> Digital Wellbeing> Relax As each manufacturer orders the settings in one way or another, it may cost a little give with it. A quick trick is to use the search bar in settings, search for words like colors, grayscale, rest. You can also opt for the Reading Mode that we also find in almost any mobile in recent years or lower the brightness of the phone. All these modifications will leave the screen off, boring and allow us to look for other interactions.

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