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In addition to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will launch its S-Pen on other devices

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra won’t be the only smartphone to take advantage of the S-Pen. What to ask the question of the very future of its Galaxy Note range.

S Pen stylus on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The S Pen stylus works on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra // Gamesdone: Frandroid

This Thursday, Samsung presented its new line of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. Discreetly, the Korean manufacturer has also announced a small revolution in its ranges of phones. He has indeed confirmed that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be the first smartphone, apart from the Galaxy Note, to be compatible with the S-Pen stylus. But Samsung does not intend to stop there.

Asked by the site SamMobile Regarding the S-Pen, Samsung has confirmed that it wants to offer its stylus on more devices in the future, and no longer only use it for the Galaxy Note:

We’ve made the bold decision to extend the S-Pen experience to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and we plan to expand that use to other categories of devices in the future. We remain committed to our consumers and will continue to actively listen to and consider consumer feedback on our innovations.

Samsung remains particularly vague on the “Device categories” in question. However, the Korean manufacturer already offers its S-Pen stylus on its Galaxy Tab tablets. They should therefore be future smartphones. Several rumors evoked that Samsung would integrate the stylus into its Galaxy Z Fold 2, a project which was finally abandoned. Nevertheless, the firm could therefore offer the S-Pen in its next foldable smartphone, expected later this year.

What future for the Galaxy Note?

In addition, the end of the exclusivity of the stylus in the Galaxy Note raises the question of the future of the range of smartphones. In fact, over time, the Galaxy Note began to look more and more like the Galaxy S, which was getting bigger and bigger. There was still the integration of the S-Pen, until now only offered on the Note range. However, if more smartphones are making it possible to use it, it is questionable whether Samsung will not simply do away with its Galaxy Note range. Several rumors in this direction have also emerged in recent months.

While waiting to learn more, you can consult our handling of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which will be launched on January 29 at a price of 1,259 euros.

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