Monday, April 12

In addition to its professional box, Free is launching a Free Pro 5G package

In addition to the fiber optic internet offer, Free has also announced a mobile subscription for all businesses.

This morning, Free unveiled a fiber optic subscription for businesses. For 39.99 euros / month HT, the offer includes fiber optic access with a dedicated box, 2 telephone lines as well as a 5G mobile plan. This offer gives access to the opening of new mobile lines, however you can also subscribe to the Pro 5G offer without the box.

Free Pro 5G: a mobile subscription

In addition to the internet subscription with box, Free unveiled a mobile offer. This offer is called Free Pro 5G with 150 GB of data per month in mainland France, unlimited calls and SMS in Europe, USA, Canada and China. When you travel, the subscription also includes 25 GB of data from over 70 destinations.

This offer is available at 19.99 euros per month excluding tax, and 9.99 euros if the company has subscribed to the fiber optic box offer.

Free announces its Pro offer: a fiber optic box with a mobile plan for 49.99 euros / month

Free has announced its new internet offer for professionals: Free Pro. A subscription that includes a fiber optic internet box with 4G as well as a 4G / 5G mobile plan.
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