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improvement of Bluetooth management and corrections of important flaws in the menu

Apple has launched the rollout of iOS 14.4. This update brings better management of Bluetooth devices, improved QR Code recognition, but also the correction of important security vulnerabilities.

iOS 14

iOS 14 // Gamesdone : Apple

As of Tuesday, Apple started rolling out the iOS 14.4 update to iPhones and iPads (iPadOS 14.4). If this version brings its share of minor fixes as often, it is also accompanied by a modification of greater magnitude: the authorization of advertising tracking or not by third-party applications.

The updates made by iOS 14.4

As often, the iPhone will benefit from small adjustments to function better:

  • Recognize smaller QR codes in the Camera app;
  • Possibility of classifying the different types of Bluetooth devices in the Settings app for proper identification of the headphones in audio notifications;
  • Receive notifications when it is not possible to verify if your iPhone has a new, original Apple camera (on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max).

But corrections are also expected for the following problems:

  • Artifacts that may appear in HDR photos taken with iPhone 12 Pro;
  • Updated Activity app data not shown in Shape widget;
  • Offset keyboard input and word suggestions that may not be displayed;
  • Keyboard displayed in the wrong language in the Messages app;
  • Activation of selection control in Accessibility preventing phone calls from being taken from the locked screen.

Important security gaps to be filled

This update also allows the correction of significant security vulnerabilities which affected in particular the core of the device. This allowed a malicious app to elevate its privileges to better control your device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch).

Another issue resolved: a flaw in Safari’s Webkit rendering engine. A malicious individual could then trigger the execution of an arbitrary code remotely.

Apple explains that the flaws could be “actively exploited”, but locks and restrictions are offered as a solution. It is therefore preferable to update quickly.

The new HomePod Mini

The new HomePod Mini // Gamesdone: Frandroid

On the other hand, Apple does not mention other new features such as the music transfer improved between an iPhone and a HomePod mini thanks to the presence of the U1 chip. It can be done by being a little further away from the music enclosure, through enhanced visual and sound effects, as well as vibrations. And the controls will appear larger on the iPhone’s locked screen when it’s near the speaker.

No framed advertising tracking yet

The long-awaited anti-ad tracking feature is also not entitled to be cited among the improvements in the new version. However, we know that Facebook is scolding at the idea of ​​seeing Apple deploy its new rule that requires app developers to obtain user consent for ad tracking. Without this, they will not be able to do relevant targeting by retrieving the IDFA, this identifier created especially for advertising targeting.

Now informed, the user will be able to choose in full knowledge of the facts and in full transparency. But the developers know that the refusal of the follow-up is likely to be common currency… The fact remains that it does not seem active yet. A little reprieve for Facebook and others.

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