Monday, April 12

Ikea reportedly set to launch three new affordable wireless chargers

The famous brand Ikea is preparing to launch three new wireless chargers with a power of 5 W, at a price probably contained.

Famous for its brands dedicated to furniture and decoration, the Swedish brand Ikea has also set foot in smart home automation for several years now. In 2015, for example, the company added tables and lamps capable of charging smartphones to its catalog using Qi technology.

Ikea, great ambitions in tech ‘

In 2017, the group followed up with smart bulbs compatible with Amazon, Google and Apple voice assistants. To the point of creating a division entirely dedicated to the connected home in August 2019. And in the near future, the company should continue with several new wireless chargers.

iGeneration spotted three references from the Nordmärke range (E2011A, E2009, E2008) filed with the Wireless Power Consortium. The documents in question give us the opportunity to take a look at their respective design: round for the first, rectangular for the other two, but all with a power of 5 W.

Towards a launch this spring

The third reference is already available on the American Ikea site. A presentation text gives us in passing a strong clue about its launch: this spring, or in the coming months. The other two charger models could also benefit from this timing.

By taking a look at Ikea’s catalog, it is clear that its range of wireless chargers is very affordable. The only Nordmärke model available costs for example 15 euros. Everything therefore suggests that future products referenced by the Wireless Power Consortium will also be inexpensive.

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