Wednesday, October 21

IKEA removes one of its best-selling products from its catalog with more than 300 million units a year

IKEA will stop marketing, from October 2021, the entire line of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries in the ALKALISK range, which has brought so many benefits and joys in sales in recent years. And there is an ecological reason. One of the products that you have surely been buying at IKEA for the last few years will completely disappear from its catalog at the end of 2021, and we are talking about the non-rechargeable alkaline batteries that are so successful from the Swedish company. IKEA has announced in a press release that it will eliminate its product from non-rechargeable alkaline batteries in October 2021 to help the environment. Instead, they recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries from their LADDA range. To justify the disappearance of this popular product from its catalog, IKEA relies on several comparative studies where they point out that “the life cycle of this type of battery shows that the environmental impact of alkaline batteries is greater compared to the rechargeable battery of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) ”. They give as an example that after 10 charges of a rechargeable NiMH battery, and specially named the LADDA range, “the greenhouse gas emissions are lower compared to the use of alkaline batteries to obtain the same amount of energy”. The company claims they sold more than 300 million non-rechargeable alkaline batteries last year. According to their calculations, they point out that if “hypothetically all IKEA customers switched from non-rechargeable alkaline batteries to rechargeable batteries from the LADDA range, […] the global reduction of waste would be of until 5000 t per year ”. In addition to furniture, IKEA keeps a lot of anecdotes and curiosities. Who founded the company? Where are you from? Where is the biggest IKEA? In this way, in just one year you will stop finding the ALKALISK range of alkaline batteries both in the online catalog and also in the physical store, so perhaps it would be a good idea for you to start thinking about purchasing other types of batteries. for your devices.

[Fuente: IKEA]

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