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identification via a Microsoft account now required

Owned by Microsoft since its buyout for 2.5 billion in 2014, Mojang announces that it will now require a Microsoft account to be able to play its games, all of them.

Minecraft Java Edition is also affected by this change

Minecraft Java Edition is also affected by this change // Gamesdone: Mojang – Microsoft

Do you like Mojang’s productions? You will now need a Microsoft account to play it. This was indicated by the Swedish studio bought in September 2014 by the Redmond giant. The change affects all of its games, including Minecraft Java Edition, Mojang said. The measure is also mandatory for players who have so far used a Mojang account or Minecraft Legacy account to log in.

As specified GamesIndustry, this measure will eventually prevent recalcitrant players from logging in, and will gradually begin to take effect in early 2021. In the meantime, users wishing to create a Mojang account will, from this fall, be invited to create a Microsoft account at the square.

A puzzle for players with multiple accounts on Minecraft Java Edition

We learn for the rest that players who already have a Microsoft account can simply merge it with their Mojang account. On the other hand, things become more complex for those having for example several accounts on Minecraft Java Edition: they will have to associate each of these accounts with an independent Microsoft account. A real headache, especially since this merger may have an impact on their username. The latter will indeed have to be replaced by another if it is already used, Mojang assures however that the thing will have no impact on their nickname in game.

To assist players in this transition, Mojang provides them with a Complete FAQ. The studio also indicated that it would send emails to explain the procedure to its community. Video tutorials are also planned on YouTube.

A temporary inconvenience for more safety

This transition is justified by increased security, since Microsoft accounts notably benefit from two-factor identification. The possibility of configuring better parental controls is also invoked by Mojang.

« Currently, this concerns Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, but who knows what we’ll do next? “The studio said. ” Think of it as a move; when you [laissez derrière vous un endroit], you switch to the next. It does involve a logistical effort, but once you get settled into your new home you realize you would do it ten times over just for that extra room. ».

This change comes anyway a few months after Microsoft announced that it had globally passed the 200 million copies of Minecraft mark sold, said GamesIndustry.

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