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iCloud Keychain coming soon to Chrome for Windows

This is good news for users straddling the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems: iCloud Keychain will soon be able to serve you to create passwords, synchronize them and use them directly from the Windows version of Google Chrome.

On Windows 10, Google Chrome will now take advantage of passwords stored on the iCloud Keychain

On Windows 10, Google Chrome will now take advantage of passwords stored on the iCloud keychain // Gamesdone: Pixabay

The iCloud Keychain has for years allowed iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to generate and store strong passwords in a dedicated insert in their iCloud storage. A very practical feature since it allows you to both create strong and secure passwords, but also to identify yourself in the blink of an eye thanks to automatic filling.

The problem ? This system was until now reserved for Apple devices and the browser of the Apple firm: Safari. This is about to change, with the deployment of an extension for Chrome that will soon allow us to use said keychain on Google’s browser.

Your iPhone passwords soon available on Chrome for Windows

Accessible at this address, the iCloud Passwords for Chrome extension can now be installed on Chrome for Windows. According to its description, it allows “to use, with Chrome under Windows, the same strong Safari passwords (…)“. However, to work, this extension must be linked to the latest version of iCloud for Windows (12.0). According to our observations, this version is not yet available in France, at least at the time of writing. Anyway, iCloud for Windows v.12.0 adds one more item in the list of available features: the famous iCloud Keychain in which the passwords of your Apple devices are stored.

As Engadget points out, a message appears when you click on this new item: “The iCloud Passwords for Chrome extension is required; download the extension to automatically fill in website passwords with your iCloud Keychain ».

The iCloud Passwords for Chrome extension will allow you to use passwords created beforehand during Safari sessions, but it can also be used, from Windows, to create new passwords that will be synchronized automatically in order to be used on your Apple devices, explains the specialized site.

The arrival of this novelty is rare enough to be highlighted, Apple making sure to keep its services very tightly within its own ecosystem of products and software. Currently, the iCloud application for Windows 10 iCloud is the only one available on the Microsoft ecosystem, at least if we except the Apple TV + application on Xbox consoles. However, some rumors suggest that Apple may soon add new applications to the Microsoft Store, including Apple Music apps and Podcasts.

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