Wednesday, October 21

Hyundai’s car that walks on all fours

Most of us thought that it would stay in a conceptual design more typical of science fiction than the real world. But Hyundai announced today that it will build this car that walks on all fours. From prototype to real vehicle. The Hyundai Elevate, the car that walks on all fours, is to be manufactured by a newly announced Hyundai unit called New Horizons Studio. “Throughout history, humanity has shared an innate desire and need to explore new frontiers. New Horizons Studio envisions building vehicles for them to roam with unprecedented mobility,” explains Hyundai’s press release. Hyundai Elevate is a car that, in addition to rolling like a conventional vehicle, can use the wheels as legs for walking. You can see it in action in this video: “These vehicles will be aimed at customers who need to travel in unconventional terrain and off-road, including places where vehicles have never circulated before. They will be subject to more challenging applications and environments, adaptable to conditions. By pushing the boundaries of vehicle development, the unit will reimagine how vehicles could traverse the world, “the note continues. The goal of New Horizons Studio will be to develop what Hyundai calls Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMV) or Maximum Mobility Vehicles. And the first of them will be the Hyundai Elevate that we have seen in the video. Its main innovation is in the wheels, which work as such, but are located at the end of legs with six degrees of rotation. They have knees and ankles that can rotate, in some cases, with 360-degree freedom. Fortunately, many car manufacturers have assumed that the future lies in the electrification of their vehicles. These seven brands have already announced when they will stop using diesel engines. With this innovative motion system the Hyundai Elevate can not only roll like a car: it can also walk like a reptile, a mammal, or in omnidirectional mode, to do impossible things like climb a hill or climb stairs. The objective of the Korean company is to manufacture a vehicle that can move through places that are forbidden even to 4×4 off-road vehicles, to reach areas of natural disasters and emergencies first. Hyundai’s new unit, New Horizons Studio, is already working on it. And although there are no dates, we assume that it will take several years to put a walking vehicle on the market, with such complex characteristics.

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