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Huge WD My Book Duo 28TB external hard drive is 24% off on Amazon


Are you looking for a large storage solution to archive all of your data? Western Digital’s My Book Duo external hard drive is currently on sale on Amazon, with the 28TB version priced at 569 euros instead of 745.

Western Digital offers a number of storage tools, with up to two bays on some of its products to carry huge capacity. This is what the brand offers with its My Book Duo. The 28 TB version of this external hard drive, which is suitable above all for professional use, is on sale and loses almost a quarter of its price.

In short

  • A colossal storage capacity
  • The sleek design for a hard drive
  • USB 3.0 connectivity

On sale on Amazon, the WD My Book Duo 28TB external hard drive now drops from 745 to 569 euros thanks to an immediate discount of 24%.

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Western Digital pays particular attention to the design of its My Book external hard drive. In fact, there are two distinct parts, on one side a smooth and shiny surface and on the other a matt layer in relief. This makes him an elegant and modern object that will not stain on your desk. It is however quite imposing with dimensions of 16 x 10 x 18 cm for a weight of 2.46 kilos.

With this My Book Duo, Western Digital offers a solution to back up many large files such as a full computer backup, a video library, professional projects in order to free up space on all your computers. With 28 TB of capacity, this My Book Duo offers two configuration modes, namely Rais 0 to have 28 TB, or Raid 1, which doubles the backup on both drives. This makes it possible not to lose all of the data and to be safe in the event of failure of one of the two. You can also separate them to make each a full-fledged hard drive.

We also have versatility in the connection. The drive has two USB-A 3.0 ports so it can be connected to a computer and act as a docking station for accessories. Finally, a USB-C 3.1 port offers the possibility of an even higher transfer speed of up to 360 MB / s. Large capacity hard drive requires, it needs to be plugged into a power source to operate.

Using the WD Security tool and AES 256-bit encryption, you can secure hard drive access and configure a password to access data.

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