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Huawei would prepare a factory to manufacture its chips and cover its rear

Chinese giant Huawei is planning to build its own production facility to design phone chips, according to a Financial Times report. A way for the firm of the Middle Empire to cover its rear in the more distant future.

If Huawei is not yet out of the woods in the conflict between it and the United States, the situation seems to be returning to calm and gradually to normal: the Country of Uncle Sam has indeed issued several licenses allowing to certain companies to collaborate again with the Chinese multinational, after more than a year of blockage.

A planned industrial site

Its screen supplier Samsung is, for example, one of the lucky ones, as is the ARM brand, which provides it with the architectures for the Kirin chips. A condition sine qua non However, it was imposed on them: the technologies sent must not support 5G. On this point, Huawei therefore remains at an impasse, because it is accused by the United States of using 5G for espionage purposes on behalf of the Chinese government.

That’s why company executives would like to build their own chip production plant, reports The Financial Times, relayed by Android Authority. Here, the idea is simple: if the crossover with the United States is resolved, Huawei would like to cover its rear in the future in the event of new litigation that would prevent it from working with all companies using American technologies, such as this was the case for a year.

A long-term solution

Based in Shanghai, this future industrial site would then be used to circumvent new industrial and commercial sanctions… in the distant future. Because Huawei would indeed start from zero, and would then start with the manufacture of 45 nm processors, an engraving seen in 2007. 28 nm chips could then land at the end of 2021, followed by 20 nm in 2022. In short: the group would display a hell of a delay.

Still according to the Financial Times, stocks of chips are now dry. But this plant is nonetheless a long-term solution, and not an instantaneous one, because Huawei would take years and years to design its own 5nm hardware, like the recently inducted Kirin 9000, embedding 5G technology.

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