Tuesday, April 13

Huawei kicks off Harmony OS smartphone beta

As expected Huawei today released the developer beta version of the Harmony OS system in version 2.0. This edition has the particularity of supporting Android applications.

Huawei had promised it during its Huawei Developer Conference on September 10 and here it is available: the Harmony OS 2.0 system is entering beta. For now, this is only for developers. A public beta will be made available during the month of April.

A first beta for developers

Huawei is working hard to ensure its independence. Harmony OS is indeed intended to work on a whole bunch of various devices, from televisions to cars, through watches and of course smartphones.

Faced with the entry into force of the American embargo, prohibiting Huawei from working with Google, the manufacturer is more active in bringing Harmony OS to smartphones while ensuring the support of APK installation files for the Android system. This initiative forms the heart of the work of version 2.0.

For the launch of this first version, Huawei held an event in China on December 16 at 10 a.m., or 3 a.m. with us.

A smooth transition from EMUI 11

The move to Harmony OS concerns smartphones that came on the market after May 2019. More specifically, these are devices that do not already have Google services. Furthermore, in an interview collected by MyDrivers, Wang Chenglu, head of software development for the Chinese manufacturer, explained that the EMUI 11 interface shares the same framework as Harmony OS. It is therefore the latter which will serve as a gateway to migrate the terminals to this new system.

According to GizmoChina, some developers already have Harmony OS 2.0 known in China – under the name Hongmeng – and they confirm that this version is very similar to EMUI 11 on Android, however with an update of the kernel. The latter would bring greater general fluidity.

According to some reports, it is already possible to install applications specifically designed for Harmony OS but also APK files. As we know, since Huawei is not able to install the Google Play Store, the company has not only its AppGallery but also a Petal Search search engine specifically designed to find an APK file on a third-party source. .

The terminals that will be able to benefit from Harmony OS 2.0 are:

2021 is undeniably a pivotal year for Huawei in the smartphone market. The least we can say is that the manufacturer is determined to find a place alongside Android and iOS. Moreover, the company is also working on a Harmony OS layout for tablets called PadOS.

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