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How to use Nvidia GeForce Now on Google Chrome

Announced at the end of 2020, GeForce Now is finally accessible from Google Chrome. We explain how to operate Nvidia’s cloud gaming service from the browser.

GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, is now available directly through Google Chrome on Windows 10 and macOS. We had the opportunity to quickly test this new functionality.

How to launch GeForce Now on Google Chrome?

GeForce Now was available from a Windows 10 and macOS client, as well as an Android app (also on Android TV and Google TV). It has also recently been possible to use GeForce Now with Safari Mobile on an iPhone or iPad.

You can now use GeForce Now directly from your Google Chrome browser, without downloading a dedicated client. You just need to have Google Chrome up to date on Windows or macOS and go to this address: This does not require any installation file, the launch is done from a full screen Chrome window. Games are run in maximum Full HD definition.


The “Play” button allows you to directly launch the game

As with the GeForce Now client, it is best to connect with a wired connection to ensure the right conditions for cloud gaming. You can access all the games available on the platform. It will also be possible later to create shortcuts to your favorite game. You can check the connection quality in-game, but the web service does not offer the possibility of making a test beforehand unlike dedicated clients.

As a reminder, GeForce Now is free, but you will be limited to sessions of 1 hour to renew. The best way to benefit from this service is the Founders subscription at 27.45 euros for 6 months. This subscription adds the possibility of activating Ray-Tracing on compatible games.

As a reminder, the GeForce Now subscription is only access to your games. Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, you then need to purchase your games on partner platforms (, Steam, etc.).

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