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how to take advantage of what’s new in Messages for your conversations

With the arrival of the new OS, the Messages app for the iPhone, and by extension the iPad, has acquired new features to encourage more sharing. Especially for group conversations. But they are not always easy to activate. We will explain everything to you.

With iOS 14, Apple updated its Messages app, the in-house texting service. And for users of iPhone, iPad and other products of the brand, the privileged system is enriched with several new features, particularly in group discussions.

You must first update your device to iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 to be able to access it.

Filter messages

Note that it is now possible to filter messages from unknown senders and create lists in Messages.

  • Go to Settings / Messages.
  • Activate Filter Unknown Senders.
  • Return to Messages, a menu Filters appears. You can choose to display “All messages”, those from known or unknown senders.

Pin important messages

To make sure you don’t lose sight of an important conversation to reply to, you can now pin up to nine conversations to your Messages home page. They will automatically go to the top of the list, in the form of bubbles.

There are several possibilities for this:

  • Swipe right on the conversation in question and the yellow pin button appears. The face or the logo with the initials of your interlocutor is positioned at the top of the window.
  • After opening the application, click Modifier, then on Edit pins and choose the ones you want to pin by clicking on the yellow icon. Validate.
  • If you have enabled filters, you will also see appear three small dots at the top right which to press to choose your pins

How to unpin?

If you no longer want to see conversations at the top of the list, consider removing them. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Press on Modifier, then Edit pins. You can then deactivate those you no longer want. It will return to its place in the list below.
  • Keep your finger pressed on the relevant bubble. In the submenu, click Detach.

Make your group conversations more fun

Conversations with multiple iPhone or iPad users are the big winners in the latest updates. They can be pinned to Messages just like any other.

You can now edit the group name and photo:

  • Open the conversation.
  • Tap on all the participant names at the top, then on “Info”.
  • You can then edit name and image group by adding a photo, emoji or Memoji.

You can also mention one of the participants. You just have to type the person’s name in a message to speak to them.

The hardest part in a group chat is sometimes to follow several conversations at the same time. The good news with iOS 14 is that you can create discussion threads.

To reply to a message:

  • Keep your finger pressed on the message in question. Do “Reply”. You then create a thread under a message.

You will then be able to see the number of replies displayed under the initial message, without polluting the overall conversation. By clicking on the information, the thread will then unfold.

Group chats can appear in macOS, but they don’t benefit from the improvements yet. You can nevertheless respond to all your interlocutors.

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