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How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

On Windows 10, there are different ways to take screenshots, from taking a classic image to capturing a GIF. Here’s how to capture your screen.

Whether natively or by software to be installed, Windows 10 offers several solutions to achieve screenshots. From a simple screenshot to an animated GIF, here’s how to record your screen as a picture. Note that if you prefer a video capture, we also have an explanation at your disposal.

There is of course always the possibility of pressing the “Print” key. Screen ”of your keyboard and paste the result in Paint, but here we offer you some more complete features.

Take a classic screenshot with Windows 10

To take a “no-frills” screenshot, Windows offers a very effective tool. To launch it, you must perform the combination of keys Windows, MAJ (Shift) et S.

The screen then darkens and a small window opens at the top with 4 options:

  • Capture part of the screen with a rectangular shape
  • Capture part of the screen with a free form
  • Capture a window
  • Capture whole screen

After taking your screenshot, a notification will appear offering you to edit and share the image, click on it to open the software ” Screenshot and sketch« .

You can then draw on your screenshot, highlight part of the image, crop it or measure with a virtual ruler.

Once your changes have been made, it is possible either to save the screenshot on the computer, either share it through an application or open it in another software, such as Photoshop, Gimp or Affinity for more advanced edits.

ShareX: for more advanced screenshots on Windows 10

If you need more functionality, many screenshot services offer more advanced tools than Microsoft’s. ShareX is one of the best known. This software is open source and offers the same features as the Windows tool, and more, such as screen recording to video or GIF.

You can download directly from the site dedicated to software.

Once installed, here’s how to make a screen recording in GIF via ShareX:

  • Open ShareX
  • Press the dedicated keyboard shortcut (for a GIF, the default combination is CTRL + SHIFT + Print)
  • Select the area to capture and left click
  • Let the software save
  • Press on Stop at the edge of the capture area
  • Go back to ShareX and you’ll see your GIF wisely waiting for you

The result will depend on the architecture of your computer. If it is powerful enough, you will be able to obtain a smooth and quality result. Otherwise, if your PC is a bit old, you may experience some stuttering.

In addition, ShareX offers an automatic sharing system on different storage services cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive or Imgur, but also on the FTP server of your choice. All you have to do is enter your credentials and each time a screenshot is taken with ShareX, it will be uploadée on the services provided. Basically, images are saved in Documents and in the ShareX folder.

Note that this powerful tool offers many options that we will not detail here and we therefore encourage you to dig into the menus to discover everything.

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