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How to see your notification history on Android 11

Android 11 allows you to view the history of your smartphone notifications. Here is a small tutorial to explain how to take advantage of it.

Android 11 notification history

Notification history on Android 11 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Android 11 brings a small batch of new features to our smartphones. One of them can be very interesting since it allows you to see the history of notifications. For several reasons, it may happen that you want to find an old alert in order to consult it again, to remember when it was received or quite simply because it was deleted a little too hastily.

The aptly named “notification history” feature that arrived with Android 11 is therefore here to help you. Here we explain how to take advantage of it. Let’s just clarify that we used an updated Google Pixel 4a to illustrate this tutorial.

Activate notification history on Android 11

In the settings, you will have to go to the notifications menu of your smartphone. This section is called “Apps and Notifications” on the Google Pixel interface.

Then click on Notifications and you will then see the option you want: Notification history. Obviously, you’ll have to tap on it to see what this feature has to offer.

You will see a fairly empty window with a text in the center indicating that ” notification history is disabled “. However, at the top of your screen appears the option ” Use notification history “. Tap on the associated switch.

By doing this, the famous text in the center of the screen changes to explain that there is ” no recent notifications “. This shouldn’t last long, because from now on your latest alerts will be logged here.

Viewing the notification history on Android 11

Now, as soon as you need to find an old notification, you can always redo the path described above: Settings> Apps & notifications> Notifications> Notification history. Easier and faster, by lowering the shortcuts panel, you will also see “History” at the very bottom, next to “Clear all”.

Tapping on it takes you to the desired page.

Android 11 notification history

The mention “History” at the bottom of the shortcuts panel allows you to quickly consult the history of notifications on Android 11

You’ll then see recently ignored notifications – these are the ones you haven’t yet taken the time to see by pulling down the shortcuts panel – and those received within the last 24 hours.

Clear notification history on Android 11

To clear your notification history, simply return to the dedicated page and press the switch at the top of the screen again. This will disable the feature and remove all listed alerts.

By reactivating said switch, you will no longer find the previous history.

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