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How to reveal hidden trophies on PS4 and PS5?

Tired of failing to hit 100% on a PlayStation game you’ve completed yet? We explain how to get the list of hidden trophies in order to find them all.

You have finished your game, made all your opponents fold, collected all the trophies displayed and yet your profile shows only 50 or 60% of the game completed. Blame it on those damn hidden trophies that have pestered all PlayStation players since 2009 and the enthronement of the bonus system, always good for the ego of the players that we are, recently reviewed by PlayStation.

Because as their name suggests, the hidden trophies are not known in advance unlike those announced which accompany the course of the scenario. Your investigation is therefore done blindly and it is often by surprise that you see a notification appear for a success that you did not even know existed.

PlayStation rethinks its Trophy system

PlayStation rethinks its Trophy system // Gamesdone: Sony

These additional trophies, sometimes as harmless (shaking an unnecessary coconut tree three times) as impossible to invent (doing three rolls and four somersaults before punching your opponent’s left shin) generate as much frustration as they enjoy players once they’ve been gleaned. Because at the end of the road, it is “the platinum”, the 100%, the Holy Grail of any gamer facing a game. And a major trophy in addition to his PlayStation hunting table.

So, to help you avoid tension swings and nervous breakdowns, there is a way to “unmask” your hidden trophies to better reap these unusual rewards, which may even require two passes in the same place.

On PlayStation 4

Since update 4.00, Sony, aware that its players were tearing their hair with some hidden trophies, kindly added a tip to reveal them.

  • Go to the console’s Trophies menu, then to those of the game concerned. Hover over the hidden trophy and press X to select it. Hold the ◻︎ key and you will see the mission to succeed.

On PlayStation 5

  • Go to your profile, then to the list of your trophies. Choose the game for which you want to know the hidden trophies. Go to the trophy map. Click X to select it, then click the Option button to view the information.

From the PS App mobile application

Sony recently revised the interface of its PlayStation App to be more ergonomic, but also closer to the uses of its consoles. There is, under his profile, the list of trophies as well as the details for each game. And therefore also the list of trophies for each game.

  • Go to your profile and click on the list of trophies. Choose the game in question, then the hidden trophy. When you get to the form, you just have to ask to display the hidden information and you will know what you have to do to unblock it.

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