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how to remove weather widget from taskbar

An update automatically added a new weather and news widget to the Windows 10 taskbar. Want to get rid of it? We explain how.

One morning when you turned on your Windows 10 computer, you realized that a new item has been lodged in your taskbar, next to the date and time of day. Slyly, he reminds you that summer is approaching and the heat wave with him by indicating a happy “25 ° C Very sunny ».

Intrigued, you hover your mouse over it and you see the traffic information while you only move by public transport, the date of the next EURO 2020-2021 match while watching only basketball and news that would fit right into a conspiratorial Facebook group or the worst ad placement.

In short, you may want to get rid of this widget “weather and news”Which was prompted in the Windows 10 taskbar. If this is the case, follow the guide, you will see, it’s very simple!

How to remove the weather widget from the taskbar on Windows 10?

To remove the weather widget, just right click on the taskbar, you will see a field titled “News and fields of interest“(Just above”Show Cortana button»That you may have already deactivated…). You have two options: “Show icon only“To reduce the space this widget takes up in your taskbar while keeping it, or”DeactivateTo delete it altogether.

By disabling “Open on hover», You can also prevent the news window from opening as soon as you hover your mouse over the widget, by wishing to manage the audio of your computer or your WiFi for example, whose icons are right next to it.

Note that it is also possible to deactivate it through the registry, but we do not recommend modifying elements in this part of your PC without fully knowing what it represents.

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