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how to play its games remotely?

You don’t always have your Xbox One or Xbox Series console on hand to play. No problem, Microsoft has planned everything and the solutions to enjoy your games remotely are legion. Smartphone, tablet and even Android TV, we explain how to play remotely.

To extend its ecosystem to as many people as possible, Xbox has long since multiplied the media on which its gaming offer is accessible. The console is no longer the only center of its offer – even if it still concentrates many assets -, but it is still essential to play from a distance. And in this game, the American firm does not skimp on efforts.

If you are the proud owner of an Xbox One S | X or an Xbox Series S | X, and if possible an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (we explain how to subscribe for less), you multiply the possibilities to enjoy your games away from home. For this, a smartphone, a tablet, a PC, even a TV box and above all a good internet connection are your allies.

Configure your Xbox console

Whichever remote gaming medium you choose, the first step is to configure your Xbox by going to settings to allow remote gaming on a device and allow the console to wake up if necessary. This will also allow remote installation of games, control of the device, etc. It is especially important that the remote features are activated in the Preferences of the Xbox application and that streaming playback is authorized.

It is also necessary to go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download the latest version of the Xbox app or the Xbox Game Pass app.

Play on another Xbox One or Xbox Series S∣X

This is the easiest way if you have a console handy, but it’s not your own. All you need to do is connect your Microsoft account to the new console, then sign in to Xbox Live. In the “My games and applications / Games” section, you should see the list of games that you have in dematerialized version.

Source: Frandroid

Gamesdone: Frandroid

You can also add games by downloading them. Note, however, that they will not remain available to the original owner of the console. He will have to buy them, in digital or physical version, to benefit from them.

Play on Android

Android mobile devices were the very first to take advantage of cloud gaming Xbox style. Launched in September, the service provides access to the games installed on its console or to a selection of titles included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All without downloading time.

To enjoy it and run your entire library on the screen of your smartphone, you must have Android 6.0 and later versions.


La cloud gaming de Xbox // Gamesdone : Xbox

You will also need an Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth connection or possibly the Razer Kishi and any other compatible controller (and at least Bluetooth 4.0 on your smartphone). You can add a clip to it to physically join your controller and your smartphone for easier play.

From the app Xbox Game Pass, you can now click on the “Cloud” tab to launch the game remotely, whether you are using Wi-Fi or 4G, but always with the fastest and most stable connection possible so that everything works correctly. You then have access to the selection of games compatible with the cloud gaming service, including some Electronic Arts titles. Some can even be played with the smartphone’s touch controls if you don’t have a paired controller.

From the app Xbox, it is to the content of your console that you will have access to play in streaming, thus accessing your own downloaded games as well as any that would be on the inserted disc. On the other hand, here, it is impossible to do without a controller connected via Bluetooth. Click on the console icon at the top left and you can start the game remotely, seeing your Xbox interface appear.

Play on iOS

After having long refused to cloud gaming services access to its devices, Apple has ended up showing (a little) white paw. If Google Stadia takes advantage of the Safari browser to offer its games, Xbox had to rely on its eponymous app to feign the apple brand.

The configuration menu of your Xbox console on an iPad or iPhone

The configuration menu of your Xbox console on an iPad or iPhone

IPhone and iPad users therefore cannot take advantage of cloud gaming as is and games compatible with the offer. But access to the Xbox app allows them to launch the game remotely and enjoy their library. You obviously need an iOS compatible controller to play and have, as far as possible, already downloaded the games on your console. Because to access them, they must have been installed. Otherwise you will have to wait a bit …

Play on PC

If your console can’t necessarily keep up with you, your laptop is easier to carry. By loading the Xbox app on your device running Windows 10 (but not Windows 10 in S mode!) And entering your credentials, you will be able to view your Xbox environment and access your games after pairing a controller with your PC and clicking on “Connection” in the menu, then on “Flux”. You can then resume your game, provided that the computer and the Xbox One are on the same Internet network.

You can also retrieve your friends list and access chat, take screenshots and videos or even share them, just like you would on your Xbox.

Please note, however: this only works with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. Xbox Series S | X are not yet compatible.

The Xbox Series X interface from Windows 10

The Xbox Series X interface from Windows 10 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

If you want to play on your PC away from home, however, you will have to find another option. And that goes through the now unavoidable Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has launched a version for PC with, admittedly, a list of compatible games less impressive than on console (it is still missing EA games), but you can play them from any location or Wi-Fi network. Two monthly subscriptions are offered to 9.99 euros to play only on PC or 12.99 euros for the Ultimate version which allows you to access it from your Xbox, an Android smartphone or tablet to play in the cloud, a PC… and also take advantage of Xbox Live Gold to play online.

Play on Android TV

We don’t necessarily think about it, but Xbox Game Pass can also be activated on Android boxes for the same reasons that make it accessible on Android smartphones and tablets. Because the same Xbox Game Pass app can be downloaded on Android TV (Android 6.0 and later).

You will be able to access the Xbox Game Pass catalog and therefore its games, without having the Xbox under your elbow. As long as you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and a compatible controller.

To do this, you still have to be slightly tricky. Download the application in APK format, then transfer this file to your device. You can use a USB stick or SD card if your Android TV device is compatible. Google Drive can also be your ally, the service being available on Android TV devices.

The interface is not yet fully optimized, because the cloud gaming service remains in beta. But everything remains usable.

So all that’s left is the PC waiting to be able to offer cloud gaming or your Xbox content away from home. It should only be a matter of months. Phil Spencer has already promised the arrival of Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox application (without having your console on the same Wi-Fi network) to enjoy your library on computer. And a first app has even already pointed the tip of its nose to the Spanish Microsoft Store. To be continued …

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