Wednesday, October 21

How to make the battery of your Xiaomi Mi Band last much longer

Just as there are certain tricks to extend the autonomy of our mobile when the battery begins to run out, we can also force the battery of our sports bracelet such as the Xiaomi Mi Band. Xiaomi bracelets are the most popular for all the qualities that they include at a very low price. One of the advantages of any model of the Mi Band is its autonomy, the days that its batteries last. Still, the bracelet can warn that the battery is running low at the most unexpected moment. You are away from home, traveling and need the battery to last a few more hours. It is even possible that you are tired of charging the bracelet every time you want to use it for exercise because you have been exhausted in other tasks. With these tips that we give you below, it will be much easier for you to keep your Xiaomi Mi Band active, whatever the model. You choose which trick is most suitable for the use you do with the bracelet on a daily basis. This Xiaomi smart bracelet is available in Asia and some Spanish stores, such as Amazon. It comes with better autonomy and more precision in the sensors. Keep the screen off The screen of the Mi Band boasts being in full color. The latest models have OLED technology that offers a purer black because it turns off the pixels on that piece of screen, consuming less power. If you have this model and want to save battery life, look for a dial that has a lot of black parts. In other models it can also be very useful to deactivate functions such as “Raise to activate” or tell the screen to turn off when it sees that we are not using it after a while. This way it won’t be easily turned on with simple wrist movements and you won’t be wasting energy for a long time. Finally, in this section we recommend that you lower the brightness as much as possible. As long as you can comfortably see the indications on the screen, outdoors it is more difficult, the brightness at a very high level implies a greater effort on the part of the screen. Turn off the vibration When you are called, a message arrives, in the alarms or if you have already reached your exercise goal. These bracelets are programmed to vibrate for a thousand reasons and thus notify you of any notification or change. It is a very useful function, but if we can remove it we save a lot of energy. From the Mi Fit app you can indicate that the bracelet only vibrates when you are running out of battery. Analysis of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the new Xiaomi quantifying bracelet that offers top features at a very low price, and we tell you our opinion. Restrict health settings Xiaomi knows that we are not constantly exercising and that we do not need a checkup every two seconds, so it gives us the option to lower the monitoring level of its bracelets. We can, for example, tell the Mi Band to activate the heart rate monitor every few minutes but not to constantly check our pulse, it is a rather useless waste of energy if we are in front of the TV. It is also a good option to disable the automatic sport detection. This implies that with each movement we make the bracelet is aware of whether we start running or swimming or swimming … Rest, save energy for when necessary, we will notify you when we go to train. Let the bracelet sleep when you don’t need it In general, the best way to conserve the battery of these devices for as long as possible is not to use them or to always have them at full capacity. If you know that you are going to spend all Saturday afternoon on the sofa, deactivate notifications and unnecessary health functions, even put the bracelet in sleep mode like when we go to sleep so that it remains as inactive as possible. All these settings are in the Mi Fit application or in the menu of the Mi Band in the case of brightness.

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