Thursday, October 29

How to Lock Windows 10 with One Click

If you want to lock your computer with just one mouse click, we will show you how to configure this option: you can do it in less than a minute. For whatever reason, when you are working at home or in your company, you may want to lock your computer and prevent anyone from accessing it. With laptops it is very simple, just lower the screen, but if you have a desktop or do not want to touch your computer, you can also do it with a simple click, without having to enter the Start Menu. Few people know this, but at this time Windows can be locked with a key combination. There are many Windows 10 shortcuts and tricks that users rarely use and this is one of those: Windows + L keys can lock the computer. But let’s make it even easier. In a matter of a minute you will learn to create a shortcut that allows you to lock your Windows with a single click. Are you ready? With these 10 simple steps you can configure the security of your Windows 10 account and be the true owner of your personal data and your privacy while using the computer. The first thing you need to do to create this direct lock is to right-click on the desktop. Let it be in a part where there is no element. Then you must select New. Among the options displayed, click Shortcut. In the tab that appears to enter the location of the item you must copy this text: “Rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation”. Do you want to buy an Amazon Fire TV but you are not sure which model is better? We tell you what alternatives you have at your disposal, what are their characteristics and which model is most suitable for you. In the next tab it asks for a name to be entered. In our case we have called it Block Windows. You will see that now an icon appears on your desktop called Block Windows, or the name you have decided to give it. If you click on it, Windows will be blocked directly and to access again you will have to enter the password. Quick, simple and very useful, as all Windows tricks should be.

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