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how to integrate all the participants in a more fun virtual room?


The immersive view is a novelty in Zoom which allows the different participants in a videoconference to be integrated into the same scene. And to take advantage of it, we explain the steps to follow.

The Zoom videoconferencing platform does not want to lose the place of choice it has won. The company, which has come under fire for its security flaws, seems determined to come up with new features to keep its throne. The latest, announced at Zoomtopia 2020, is the “Immersive scene.” “. A novelty that is very reminiscent of the “Together Mode” launched by Microsoft Teams last year to make videoconferences much more fun.

What is the immersive scene?

What is it ? If you followed or animated a Zoom session last year, it’s a safe bet that a troublemaker in the assembly was adorned with a virtual background intended to relax the atmosphere a little, or even a speaker hid his living room behind the photo of a pristine beach. The idea of ​​the immersive view is simple: extend this concept to the entire Zoom session in which you participate, in order to make the video experience more user-friendly.

Once Immersive View is activated, everyone in the Zoom call can see each other in the same setting. It could be a classroom, a meeting room, or even a museum, where each painting represents a different person. The problem is that to achieve this, it requires a few adjustments. Here’s how to make your next video conference a little more fun.

Step 1: Ask participants to download the Zoom app

It is quite possible to join a Zoom call via browser. But after a test on our side, we found that the immersive view option did not work for participants who do not have the Zoom application installed on their device. If a friend or colleague ends up in a meeting with an immersive view and they don’t own the app, they just won’t see that view. In addition, for the other participants, it will still be integrated into the meeting within the immersive view, but with a blurry square around it, enough to break the effect.

This is why if you really want to participate in a Zoom meeting in immersive view, each participant must have the application installed on their PC. To do this, go to the Zoom Download Center.

Step 2: Check your version of Zoom

If you already have Zoom, but you don’t see the feature appear, you’ll need to verify that your version can run Immersive View. Launch your Zoom application and click on the small gear at the top right.

Once in the Settings, left click on Statistics. You should see a tab appear where, at the very bottom, is the version of your Zoom application. If you have version 5.6.4 (799) or later, you’re good to go.

Step 3: Activate the immersive view

Start a Zoom meeting. At the top right, you should see a small tab titled “View”. Click on it to open a drop-down menu, then click on the third choice: immersive scene. You will be able to choose one of the immersive views offered by Zoom. Please note, at the bottom right of each thumbnail, you have the maximum number of participants to take advantage of it.

Note that as an organizer, you can move the participants within the view you created using your mouse.

There you go, if you’ve followed each step well, you should be able to add a little more fun to your Zoom meetings.

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