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How to improve your Digital Marketing strategy


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Anyone who has a website or an online business knows how important it is to have a good SEO and digital marketing strategy that helps to position yourself among the top search positions. It has been verified that the web pages that receive the most visits (we are talking about 80 – 90%) are those that appear on the first page of Google. And, above all, those that are placed in the top five.

That is why reaching those top positions is vital to receive visits and potential clients. SEO positioning strategies are made precisely to help you achieve those positions.

To help you further boost your marketing strategy marketing digital and SEO, we give you a series of tips with which to improve your positioning: quality over quantity, sponsored post platforms, and more.

4 tips to improve your digital marketing strategy

1. Use a sponsored post platform

One of the things that the Google algorithm takes into account the most to position a page is the amount and, above all, quality of external links that link to it. Having articles that link to your website from important sites or that have a good DA (Domain Authority) will help, precisely, give more value to your website. By having greater weight, Google will understand that your website is well built and has relevance, and will want to show it more often to users, thus positioning it in the highest positions.

Now, we know that it is not easy to get other quality websites to link to your page organically. And that’s where the sponsored articles and posts platforms.

At Geekpro, we mainly use Hellopubli, so we’ll use it as an example. How do these platforms work?

Platforms like Hellopubli typically register two types of users: advertiser Y editor.

Advertisers will be those looking to buy articles in relevant newspapers in order to generate more traffic to their website and improve their digital marketing strategy. You just have to register as an advertisement to start buying items. These pages have a large directory of blogs in which to advertise, and you will be able to find the most suitable ones for you thanks to the filters offered by DA, blog categories, minimum number of visitors per month, etc. When buying an article in a blog, you will tell the editor what links you want and in which keywords you want it to go in the article they publish, whose theme you can also choose.

Not only that, but if you register as editor, you can win money with these platforms. By registering as an editor, you will be able to register those blogs to which you want to add sponsored posts and set a price for each sponsored article they do for you. You will receive orders from advertisers and all you have to do is write an article with the guidelines indicated by the advertiser. That’s it! Once the advertiser approves the article, you will receive the money in your account.

2. Quality over quantity

Publishing quality content not so frequently gives better results than a lot of poorly written or copied content from other websites. Do not forget that your content has to contribute something to the user so that he decides to return.

Less is more, and being patient will pay off in the long run. Producing and distributing quality content guided by your digital marketing strategy will lay the foundations to give your blog greater and more lasting value.

3. Adapt your Digital Marketing strategy to the latest trends

Keep in mind that YouTube currently receives 95% of all Internet users, or that the Instagram user count is growing by about 5% per quarter. This information will greatly influence your digital marketing strategy. What are your competitors doing? What type of content is your target audience consuming the most right now? Consider these points and find out what works best for you and your audience.

Knowledge is power and you need to pay attention to all the options at your disposal for the execution of your digital marketing strategy. By inquiring, you also ensure that your marketing strategy remains relevant.

4. Have a mobile-oriented and responsive website

Mobile phones are one of the most important things to consider for your digital marketing strategy. Actually, your whole strategy should prioritize mobile phones when you look at the number of internet users in the world connecting via mobile.

80% of internet users own mobile phones. If your website is not responsive or ready for mobile phones, you are putting yourself at a great disadvantage.


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