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how to improve your AZERTY keyboard to write better in French

AZERTY keyboards do not, by default, allow you to type certain very useful characters in the French language, such as quotes or accented capitals. This alternative keyboard makes it easy to remedy this.

At the writing of Frandroid, there are some essential tools that we install on all computers. There is the Antidote spell checker, our Calman analysis software for testing smartphone screens, but also something much simpler: a small tool for writing better in French with an AZERTY keyboard under Windows.

On Windows PCs, the layout of the keys associated with AZERTY keyboards does not allow you to type certain characters easily: “À”, “œ”, or even the French quotation marks that I just used. In general, ASCII codes must be used with shortcuts that are quite complex to memorize. Fortunately, a solution makes it possible to do without these shortcuts and to have a layout of the keys really designed for our language.

Download and install the French keyboard with accented capitals

We owe this tool to Georges Plannelles who offers it on his site Skitiks for download. It is free, easy to install, and compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. Here’s how to install it.

  • Download free keyboard
  • In the download folder, right click on the file ” »Then choose« extract all … »
  • In the new folder, ” accented_up_keyboard “Created, double click on” setup.exe »To start the installation
  • Ignore the Windows SmartScreen alert, the software is not known enough to pass the filter correctly

Once the new keyboard is installed, you will have to configure Windows 10 to use it. There are several solutions for this. The first is simply to use the shortcut “ALT + SHIFT” to switch from one keyboard to another. Alternatively, you can select the correct keyboard by clicking on “FRA FR” in the task bar.

Last solution, go to settings Windows 10, under the heading ” Time and language “, Then in the” language “And choose the option” keyboard “To select our new keyboard” French (Upper case accented) ».

With the new keyboard correctly configured, all that remains is to learn the new functions.

Using the keyboard

This new keyboard is quite easy to learn. Just remember that the key AltGr allows you to choose the alternative keys specific to the keyboard. For the rest, the keyboard follows the same principles as the classic Windows 10 AZERTY keyboard.

By adding the SHIFT key, we get even more possible new characters.

How to type accented capital letters É, È, Ù and À?

So to type the accented capital letter IT’S, just do : AltGr (to take the alternative key) + Shift (for a capital letter) + “é”. Usually, this combination should produce “2” which shares the same key as “2”, but since we pressed the AltGr key, our accented capital letter appears.

Same principle for other capital letters.

  • It is: AltGr + Maj + is
  • Ù: AltGr + Maj + ù
  • To: AltGr + Shift + to

How to type French quotes?

The French quotation marks “and” are widely used in French instead of the English quotation marks (“) often used on digital media.

With the keyboard, all you have to do is press the following key combination to open the quotes: AltGr + <. To close them, press AltGr + Shift + <.

How to type special characters like œ, æ or ©?

This keyboard also allows you to type special characters commonly used in French such as the grapheme œ. Again, just hit Alt and whatever key is most likely to be appropriate. Here are some examples.

  • œ: Alt + o (Œ: Alt + Maj + o)
  • æ: Alt + a (Æ: Alt + Maj + a)
  • ©: Alt + c
  • ƒ: Alt + f
  • ™: Alt + t

It is a very practical and essential little tool for us to install on Windows 10. Very easy to use, it especially saves a lot of time on a daily basis.

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