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how to get his PS5 with the new stocks planned at launch?

The PlayStation 5 is officially released on November 19, 2020, and many retailers like Cdiscount and Amazon have secured new inventory for the launch of Sony’s next-gen console. Spoiler alert: there won’t be something for everyone!

The time has finally come for the PlayStation 5 console to make its entry into Europe, and more particularly in France. While many gamers have already been able to pre-order their copy of the PS5, many of you are still on the sidelines and impatiently awaiting new stocks from the Sony console.

Today is your lucky day! For the launch on November 19, 2020, some resellers have announced that they have some PS5s in stock. Apart from Amazon which will put its restocking online from 1 p.m., however, we have no information on the time or the number of copies available at each e-merchant. We strongly advise you to open all the pages concerned and drum the F5 key on your keyboard several times throughout the day..

The PS5 Standard at 499 euros

The PlayStation 5 with its Blu-ray player is available at 499 euros.

The PS5 Digital Edition at 399 euros

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, the version without Blu-ray player therefore, is available at 399 euros.

All about the PS5

If you want to know more about Sony’s next-gen console, you can read our full PlayStation 5 review carefully or watch the video below.

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To complete its panoply

Did you manage to order your PS5? Well done, but now surely you want to complete this purchase with the many accessories and games available from launch.

The accessories

Helmet 3D pulse and the station de recharge USB-C are unfortunately out of stock at all e-merchants.


Note that the PS5 integrates the Astro’s Playroom game for free. PS + subscribers will also be able to take advantage of the PS + Collection to play the best PS4 games.

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