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how to find a Covid-19 testing center nearby

Google has added the various testing centers available in France to its mapping service. Handy for finding those near you.

Finding screening centers available for Covid-19 tests is not always very easy. To make this so useful task easier and more accessible, Google has updated its Google Maps service to integrate all testing centers. As the Numerama site reminds us, France is one of the countries in Europe that performs the most screening tests, with more than 12,000 test points in France. This new service from Google will make it easier to locate them.

A card provided by the Ministry of Health

Google has set up a support page dedicated to the integration of testing centers on Google Maps. On this page, the giant explains in particular that to build the map in France, it simply used data from the Ministry of Health.

Map of centers in Paris

Map of centers in Paris // Gamesdone: Google

If we focus here on integration in France, the function is also offered in other countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, South Korea, India or even Australia to name a few countries. .

How to find a Covid-19 testing center

Officially, Google offers the query “COVID-19 screening center” to find the closest centers around your location. Just go to Google Maps, or the official application to enter this request.

Find testing centers on Google Maps

As Numerama indicates, Google does not offer a test integrated with Google Maps to guide the user to the most appropriate test: antigen or RT-PCR. On the other hand, Google can use useful information provided by companies on its service: phone number, opening hours and period of influence. With Street View, it is also possible to have a photo of the building, and to be sure to correctly identify the center.

Google’s efforts focus exclusively on testing and screening for Covid-19. Hopefully the firm will quickly offer a map of vaccination centers when the procedures accelerate in France and concerning the general public.

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