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With Christmas fast approaching, Philips is continuing its promotions on the Hue line of connected lighting. At the moment, it is possible to get a Hue smart plug for any purchase over 130 euros in the Philips Hue store.

From December 15, and until December 20, Philips offers all buyers of Hue products to get a Christmas gift in advance. Any order over 130 euros on the Hue range allows you to leave with a connected outlet, an accessory allowing any “classic” lamp to be integrated into the Hue ecosystem. A boon for all those who wish to create or extend their connected lighting system.

If you’ve never heard of it, Philips Hue, it is a range of bulbs, lamps, lights and accessories which come together to create a fully connected light environment that can be controlled at will. Switching on the lights remotely, changing the color or temperature of the lights, synchronizing the lights with the audio or video content being broadcast are only a fraction of what is possible with Philips Hue equipment.

An intelligent system driven by the Hue connection bridge

With its Hue range, Philips has developed a whole connected lighting ecosystem that can be used to equip any room in the house with lamps, bulbs, lights and other smart LED strips. By intelligent, it should be understood that these lights have several functions such as adjusting the light intensity, heat (hot or cold light), or for some of them, color. What to personalize its lighting and give one or more rooms, unique atmospheres and make it correspond to the desires of the moment.

Connected devices oblige, the lights and bulbs present in the Hue range reveal their full potential thanks to a mobile application which allows them to be controlled very simply by Bluetooth from any smartphone. However, this direct control method is far from being effective when you want to equip yourself with a complete and elaborate lighting system.

The heavy task of coordinating such a system falls to a small device: the connection bridge. Discreet, this box is placed at the center of the Hue system and generates its own ZigBee network (very useful in the event of an internet failure) capable of managing up to 50 Philips Hue equipment, whether bulbs, lights, table lamps or accessories from the range. He will then act as intermediaries between the application (mobile or desktop) and the lighting in order to make the most of the different products used.

While the Hue range offers a wide variety of lighting, Philips has also thought about lamps that cannot accommodate one of the many existing bulb models. The manufacturer indeed offers a connected socket capable of integrating any lamp into the Hue system. Can be used alone via Bluetooth or can be added to the network via the connection bridge, it allows for example to manage remote switching on, or the variation of the brightness in a jiffy. A small extremely practical therefore, especially since it is now possible to get it for free for any expenditure of 130 euros or more on the Hue store.

Getting started with the E27 Starter Kit

To get started in connected lighting, Philips Hue offers a host of starter kits including at least the famous connection bridge as well as two or three bulbs. The choice of the latter is also crucial because it will set the tone for the installation. The easiest way to start is still the Starter kit E27. Why ? Well already because E27 type bulbs are the current standard with their screw cap capable of adapting to a wide variety of lamps and luminaires.

Then, because this pack offers three bulbs from the White Ambiance range which allow the temperature of the lighting to be varied between cold light and warm light (2200 to 6500K). Enough to create a wide variety of atmospheres depending on the time of day, occupation or simply the mood of the moment.

This pack also includes the famous Hue connection bridge to link these three bulbs together and allow them to work together, as well as a remote control to vary the intensity of the bulbs connected to the bridge. The combination of these three products constitutes a solid basis for anyone wishing to get started in connected lighting, whether by its simplicity of installation or the multiple possibilities it offers.

In order to create a slightly more complete installation, and take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the starter kit presented above, the E27 bulb pack is an excellent choice. In addition to bringing the total number of connected bulbs to 5 in the household, the combination of these two products makes it possible to take advantage of the current promotion, and to obtain the Philips Hue connected socket for free.

Create an original and colorful atmosphere with Philips Hue Play

The Hue range allows you to create a wide variety of atmosphere thanks to its equipment. The White & Color Ambiance range for example, which includes both bulbs and table lamps, not only allows you to vary the intensity or the heat of the lighting, but also to modify the color on the RGB spectrum. . Another way to give any room an original atmosphere.

The lampes Hue Play are a perfect example of the modularity offered by this type of lighting. With a special attachment to wedge behind a television screen, they instantly provide backlighting to any audiovisual installation thanks to the 16 million colors they are capable of displaying. Scattered around a room, they can diffuse their light against a wall in order to provide indirect lighting that best matches the mood of the moment, thanks to the 50,000 shades of white light available.

By adding a third lamp and a connection bridge, it is possible to create a complete ecosystem dedicated to the creation of rich and colorful light atmospheres. It is however with the addition of the boîtier Play HDMI sync Box that they will give their full potential. This accessory, which acts as an intermediary between a multimedia device (PC, TV, etc.) makes it possible to synchronize the lighting with the content broadcast on the screen for a first-rate immersive experience.

Charm and subtlety: Hue table lamps

Beyond its connected bulbs, the Philips Hue range also offers many more “simple” products. Table lamps which benefit from all the functionalities of the rest of the range, and can function alone as within a more advanced system. Such devices are a perfect entry point into the field of connected lighting.

Simple to use and benefiting from the same functionalities as the rest of the range, such lamps also benefit from a sober and elegant design capable of fitting into any room very simply. The Philips hue signe or the Philips Hue Iris and its variations are ideal for dressing a living room or bedroom thanks to their 16 million colors.

They also take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Philips Hue app. In addition to adjusting the color, or the intensity, it is thus possible to create many scenarios and routines which will be triggered throughout the day to provide a light atmosphere adjusted to the user’s needs. Warm and soft light in the evening for a moment of reading. Colorful atmosphere for an evening with friends or watching a movie. Everyone to choose lamp style that suits him the most, and to use it to transform his interior.

It’s Christmas before its time at Philips Hue

From December 15 to 20 (inclusive) next, Philips Hue is offering an offer on its range of products. For any purchase over 130 euros, a connected plug will be offered to you. In order to benefit from this promotion, nothing very complicated. It is enough to constitute a basket of a value greater than 130 euros and to manually add the plug connected to your order to see its price go to zero.

Christmas period requires, Philips Hue also currently offers his advent calendar. Every day, it will be possible to try your luck to win one of the many gifts from their connected lighting range.

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