Wednesday, January 27

How to copy different items from Windows 10 clipboard with keyboard shortcuts

Most users use far fewer resources than your computer offers. Systems like Windows offer endless shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, and tools that we don’t know about and that would help us to be more efficient. Copying and pasting from the clipboard is one of the most used gestures on a computer, but few people know that you can go much further and copy various items and paste them as you please. Windows gave us years ago with the clipboard manager, a window from which to check all the elements that we have saved in it and be able to reuse them at will. With the tricks that we are going to explain below, the clipboard manager will be much faster to use. Let’s first review the most common shortcuts and then go to the more complex ones with which the task becomes child’s play. To copy a photo or a phrase we must press Ctrl + C, if we want to paste that element that we have copied last place, we press Ctrl + V. But to access the clipboard manager, press Win + V. With these 10 simple steps you can configure the security of your Windows 10 account and be the true owner of your personal data and your privacy while using the computer. With this simple shortcut, a window opens with the list of elements that we have been copying, thus we can recover various old content. If you choose an element that was copied a long time ago and then press Ctrl + V again, that will be the one that appears, since it is placed in the last position without having to copy it again. However, the trick that we want to tell you allows you to recover all these elements from the administrator without having to open the window and search the list. With this tool we can assign personalized shortcuts to each administrator position: The first thing you should do is download the Ditto Windows application. It is free and very simple to use, it is one of the most used and with the best ratings. Once you have it installed, you will see that nothing appears, it is because when you open it, the application hides in the toolbar. Once you have managed to open the main window, you must go to Options and enter the Keyboard Shortcuts section. Here are the last 10 positions of the clipboard manager so that you can assign a shortcut. We have opted for the simplest: Crtl + 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Click OK and you are ready to copy and paste at high speed, simplifying much more those routine or repetitive tasks that used to take up so much time.

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