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How to convert a file (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) to PDF?

Do you want to share files without asking yourself questions about the formats supported by your contacts’ devices? PDF is then the universal solution, whatever your operating system. Image, text, spreadsheet, we will explain how to convert a file (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) to PDF?

Convert a file to PDF

How to convert a file to PDF // Gamesdone: Frandroid

PDF is a widely recognized file format. From Windows to Linux via macOS and mobile devices, they are all capable of natively opening a PDF file. This may motivate you to convert your files (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) to this format to simplify file exchanges. There are many solutions and we are going to offer you two very easy ways to find out how to convert a file (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) into PDF.

How to convert a file (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) to PDF with your classic software?

Most software, from Word to Photoshop, allows you to save a PDF version of your files.

Here we take two Photoshop and Open Office examples.

How to convert a file (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) to PDF with classic software?

  • Open your document with the appropriate software, by clicking on File and after that To open or by double clicking on the file (normally the associated software is launched).
  • Your file open, you must now return to the tab File.
  • Select Save as or Export to PDF.
  • If your software offers you the option Save as, a window opens.
  • Below the line containing the name of the file you have a drop-down menu Format or Type.
  • Choose PDF and then click on Record.

  • A new window opens, and some software like Photoshop offers different options, one of the most important, the choice of PDF file version (Compatibility), choose the most recent.
  • Finish by clicking on Save as PDF.

  • If your software offers you Export to PDF, click on it and a window opens.

  • Then click on Export to complete the operation and save your file in PDF format.

How to convert a file (.doc, .jpeg, etc.) to PDF with PDF2GO?

You don’t have software capable of saving to PDF, or you want a universal and simple solution for computer, smartphone and tablet. The site offers a free and efficient service. The operation is very simple and even allows you to batch process several files, even if they are of different formats.

  • Go to the site
  • A green rectangle appears with a button Choose a file. You just have to click on it to open the explorer. You then select the file (s) to convert.
  • Another solution, a drag and drop in the upload area in green. Here we will convert an Excel file, a JPEG and a Word.

  • Once the file upload is complete, click the green button Start at the bottom of the page on the left. The treatment will take a few seconds or minutes depending on their size.

  • To recover your files, you can recover them one by one by clicking on the green button Download to the right of each file name. Or the blue button (Import to online storage) which allows you to upload the file to one of your Cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Even simpler, the green button Download a ZIP file, to receive all your converted files in a single compressed file.

This solution is one of the few free online solutions that does not require you to convert a single file per day.

How to merge PDF files?

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