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How to choose your SVoD service? PP Garcia answers you

Today, more than ever, choosing the right SVoD service is very important. To guide you as it should be, the journalist and YouTuber PP Garcia comes to share his encyclopedic knowledge on the question at the turn of our last video.

SvoD services have become essential in our daily life. A subscription to Netflix, Disney +, myCanal or even Amazon Prime Video gives you access to a plethora of films, series and documentaries. With the different lockdowns we have faced, these platforms are more popular than ever.

So you have to take the time to choose the streaming service that suits you the most. To help you in this task, the journalist and YouTuber PP Garcia invites himself in our last video broadcast on YouTube alongside Arnaud Gelineau.

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Understand everything about SVoD services

The inexhaustible PP Garcia answers your questions about streaming services. What quality can we expect from video streams? Where can we find the best catalog? What is a TV box for? Can Netflix be dethroned?

Our video also addresses the issue of media chronology and how it is challenged by the current health context. In addition, the discussion is also about how we will consume films in the future. Are cinemas in danger of disappearing? Are all the studios going to create their own service?

So don’t hesitate to follow this fascinating discussion between Arnaud and PP Garcia to understand everything about the fascinating world of SVoD. And to go further, you could also take a look at our guide to the best TVs to fully enjoy your audiovisual content.

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