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How to change your name on Facebook?

A little desire for change on Facebook? Why not update your name? No problem, we explain everything about this simple procedure, but obeying the very strict rules of the social network.

Does the name on your Facebook account no longer suit you? Have you been divorced and want to find your original last name? Add your spouse’s name to yours? Or do you want to use a nickname or just switch from one nickname to another or to your real name? Facebook allows this without any real difficulty. On the other hand, a certain number of precise rules must be respected:

  • Facebook only allows one username for your Page or profile. Of course, it is not possible to choose a username already in use by someone else.
  • A user name can only contain alphanumeric characters (numbers, letters and the period “.”). Generic terms are prohibited, as are extensions of the type “.com” or “. fr ”, other punctuation marks and symbols.
  • Do not mix characters from different languages. Thus, a name in Arabic or Cyrillic characters cannot contain Latin characters.
  • A username consists of a minimum of five characters.
  • Important precision, the addition of points “. ”, As the use of capital letters does not distinguish between similar usernames. Thus, OmarSourire.Dange99 is for Facebook identical to omar.souriredange99 or OmarSourireDange99. These names correspond to one and the same Facebook profile.
  • Identity theft is of course prohibited.
  • Finally, the name must comply with Facebook’s terms of use, which, in addition to the above conditions, is to avoid titles, place names or even offensive terms.

How to change your name on Facebook from your internet browser on PC?

Make yourself comfortable in front of your computer, launch your internet browser and now follow our instructions.

  • Meeting on Facebook and log into your account.
  • Click on the arrow facing down and placed all top right of the web page.

  • A drop-down menu appears, then choose Settings and privacy, then Settings.
  • On the line Last name, you will notice on the right the link Modifier, associated with a pencil-shaped icon.

  • Click on it and you just have to enter your first name and the second if it exists, then you will end with your last name in the third field.
  • Click on Overview of the change: choose how your new name will be displayed and if everything is okay with you. You just have to enter your password and click on Save Changes.

The procedure is now complete, you can return to Facebook with your new name.

How to change your name on Facebook from your Android or iPhone application?

This procedure is accessible from your Facebook iOS or Android app and is very easy to use.

  • Launch the Facebook app.
  • Locate the icon displaying three horizontal lines at the bottom right of the screen and tap it.
  • At the bottom of the page that appears, you will find Settings and privacy; select Settings.
  • Choose the line personal informations .
  • Appears the field Last name that you can modify at your leisure.
  • Finally, check your changes by pressing Overview of changebefore confirming by pressing Save Changes, after entering your password.

On a tablet, the operation is identical and you can still do it via the internet browser anyway. Importantly, you are only allowed to change your name every 60 days.

Finally, if you are the administrator of a Facebook Page. As with your personal profile, it is possible to change the name of the pages you manage. Note that the procedure is very close.

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