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How to change the phone number of my mobile plan?


Are you being harassed by a telemarketing service? Your phone number appears in a hacked database? Do you want to change your phone number? Mobile operators allow you to change your 06 without having to change your mobile plan. We explain how it works.

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What there is to know

It is possible to change phone number without changing mobile plan. All mobile operators offer this option. However, before embarking on the operation, there are a few things to know:

  • Once you have changed your mobile number, you will no longer be able to recover your old number;
  • If you have configured two-way authentication connection methods by SMS, remember to disconnect them before changing the number;
  • Once your new number is in place, check that your number does not appear in the Universal Directory
  • Also ask to be registered on the Bloctel list as well as on the anti-prospecting list with your mobile operator.

As a reminder, since June 1, 2016, it is possible to register on the list of opposition to canvassing established under the Macron law: Bloctel. Everything is managed by Opposetel, on their website.

Change your Orange number

Orange offers an interface to change your phone number without having to call customer service. Just go to his interface client on the Orange site, the price for the change is 18 euros.

Orange specifies that your automatically modified voicemail will be unavailable for 48 hours and you will not have access to old messages stored on your old answering machine either. If you use an Orange email address with a mobile number ([email protected]), it will be updated with your new mobile number. However, you keep your email history and your old password.

Change your Free number

At Free, you can do this directly from your web interface in theSubscriber space. You can choose a number among several offered. The operation is billed 5 euros by Free, payment is made directly via CB 3D Secure.

Free specifies that you will be able to change your phone number again within 30 days.

Change your Bouygues Telecom number

At Bouygues Telecom, everything is also done online, in theCustomer Area. In the “I manage and configure my line” field, click on “Modify” opposite the number of my line. You can choose a random number among 9 numbers or a personalized number (on the last 4 digits).

Two prices for this change of number:

  • 18 euros for a random number among the 9 numbers offered;
  • 25 euros for a personalized number (last 4 digits).

Like other mobile operators, your old recorded (voice) messages are deleted.

Change your SFR number

At SFR, you must contact customer support. You cannot request a specific number, you will be assigned a random number. Your new number will be activated within 2 hours of your request.

This change is billed at 18 euros by SFR, directly on your next bill.

Change your NRJ Mobile number

At NRJ Mobile, it is also possible to change the number. The change of telephone number is charged 10 euros on the next invoice. Once validated on your line, the new number is effective within 24 hours minimum (the day after the request). Remember to contact the support client, you can do it by telephone 0 969 360 200 (free call).

Change your La Poste Mobile number

Everything happens on the customer interface, to change your phone number (landline and / or mobile), click on the “My account” tab then on the “My personal information” button. You can also contact La Poste on 3631 (free). La Poste Mobile does not specify the cost of the change.

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