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How to change the name of your YouTube channel


Gone are the days when you had to change your Google account to be able to change your YouTube channel name. Make way for the simplicity of a customization tab to rename your channel. If the new steps are much more logical, here is the procedure anyway. Tutorial.

Source: Photo by Christian Wiediger for Unsplash

Gamesdone: Photo by Christian Wiediger for Unsplash

It’s a small revolution. Until now, to change the name of the channel on YouTube, it was a bit like the cross and the banner. You had to go through your Google account, where you had to change your name so that it was changed in YouTube. This gas machine was arguably a holdover from the Google+ era, the social network shut down in 2019, which Google tried to push by all means through small bonds like this one.

Now, good news for YouTubers: it’s infinitely simpler and above all more logical. Here’s how to change the name of your YouTube channel.

Connection and YouTube Studio

To get started, head over to YouTube. There, look at the top right for the space dedicated to the connection. You have two options: either you see a rectangle with blue outlines where it reads “Connect”, or you see your Google account image in a circle. If you’re not signed in, go ahead.

Once logged in, you should see something that looks like this:

Click on the bubble where your photo or the initial of your name appears and a drop-down menu should open. You need to click on YouTube Studio.

Verified status may be lost

Here you are in the YouTube Studio environment. Be careful, because somehow you have left the YouTube site for now and most of the buttons you see can change parts of your channel.

Go to the left, to choose the tab that interests us. There, click on personalization.

Once in this tab, you should see three sub-tabs at the top of the screen. The one that interests us is the third, entitled “General Information”.

You are almost there, you just have to click on the pencil to the right of your channel name and enter what you like. Once you have found the right name, click on the blue “publish” button at the top right. And There you go !

And on mobile?

On mobile, it’s even easier. All you have to do is open YouTube, click on your bubble at the top right to access a drop-down menu. There, click on “Your channel”.

You should see a simple “Edit Channel” button to press. All you have to do is click on the pencil to the right of your channel name and let your imagination run wild!

By the way, a similar path is possible on PC. You need to click on “Your Channel” in the drop-down menu on the right of the YouTube page, following the same steps as on mobile, you should get the same results.

How to choose a single word YouTube channel name?

Note that if you want to have a one-word channel, you will need to create a dedicated “brand account”. To do this, go to the list of your channels, and click on “create a channel”.

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