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How to change Internet operator during confinement?

Respect for barrier gestures, uninterrupted services, confinement does not prevent operators from supporting you if you decide to change your fixed Internet offer.

In the current context, France is forced to confine itself again. This does not mean that life ends, however. Indeed, it is always possible to take advantage of many services, including that of changing Internet operator. Thus, whether it is within the framework of a move, or simply to take advantage of a more advantageous non-binding offer, RED continues to ensure the installation of the new line, the simple transfer of subscription or the delivery of equipment. We explain how it works.

Can we subscribe to a fiber package during confinement?

This second French confinement in no way prevents subscribing to a fiber package. As usual, it’s all about eligibility. By going to RED website, you can test your postal address or your landline number to find out whether or not your physical address is connected to fiber.

If this is the case, all you have to do is finalize the customization of RED’s fiber package, for example by adding several options, before finalizing the order. Otherwise, it is always possible to turn to the ADSL offer from RED, billed 16 euros per month.

Will my Internet connection be cut?

No, the transfer from one operator to another is always done without interrupting Internet services. Even more so if you provide your RIO code during subscription. This allows you to keep your fixed line number and thus accelerate the connection time.

To get your RIO code, you just need to call 31 79 from your current line. You will then be provided with a code and all you have to do is enter it when you subscribe to the RED fiber package.

Are deliveries impacted by containment?

As for the containment of last March, the operators continue to ensure the deliveries, with however a waiting time a bit longer. Thus, in the case of RED for example, home deliveries are made in partnership with Chronopost, a trusted delivery person. Of course, the operator also reassures by explaining that all deliveries are made in compliance with barrier gestures, namely wearing a mask, social distancing and contactless delivery.

That said, as part of a subscription to the RED fiber package, you will not receive your new box by post: it is the technician in charge of the installation who brings the modem as well as the TV decoder on the day of the intervention.

Are interventions still taking place?

Like deliveries, technicians’ interventions for the installation of the new line are maintained. Of course, the current context brings some changes to the course of the intervention. You and the technician must respect the barrier gestures recommended by the government, namely:

  • Wearing a mask;
  • Ventilation of the room during the intervention;
  • Social distancing ;
  • Free access to a water point so that the technician can wash his hands.

For the rest, the intervention takes place in a classic way. Once the subscription to RED fiber package at 23 euros performed, you will need to make an appointment with a technician.

Thus, before the day of the intervention, the technician can call you from a hidden number to tell you his arrival time. The intervention can last up to 2 hours, allow half a day for the intervention. If you are unable to attend, for health reasons for example, you can change your appointment up to 48 hours before.

On the day of the intervention, the technician brings the modem and the TV decoder, if you have subscribed to the TV option of the RED fiber package. If you do not yet have a fiber or THD socket, the technician installs it and then connects it to an external connection point. This intervention may require making holes and / or laying a visible white cable inside or outside your home, if no passage exists.

If you already have a fiber or THD socket, it must be accessible so that the technician can check its conformity and replace it if necessary. Also remember to allow access to the arrival of the Fiber at the bottom of the building (cellar, parking, etc.).

How to reach your operator in the event of a problem?

Of course, if you have a concern or a simple question, you can always reach your operator in complete safety. Exchanges with RED, for example, take place in different ways. The first is to go through your Customer Area from RED website. The other is to download the RED & Moi mobile application (available on theAppStore, the Google Play Store and the AppGallery).

The RED website FAQ and the forum are also available 24/7 to get answers to all your questions.

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