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how to calculate the 1 km perimeter around your home

For this second confinement, sporting activity and the outing of our pets are limited to a perimeter of less than one kilometer from home. Here is how to calculate this distance from your home.

A new travel certificate is available, it takes take into account containment measures linked to this new stage in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Sports activity is currently limited to 1 hour per day, less than a kilometer from home, and alone (or with people from the same household). This means that it will be necessary to specify the time of departure on the exceptional travel certificate, but also the place of departure. You should also not go past this area to take your pets out or for a simple walk.

To help you plan your outings, here’s how to calculate the perimeter around your home. Of the different solutions we tried, the Government’s Geoportal seems the most effective. It allows you to calculate the perimeter of 1 km around your home, taking into account all the characteristics of the land and the environment.

How to use geoportal to calculate a perimeter around you?

Meeting on geoportal, click on tool then select “Calculate an isochrone”. Then all you have to do is enter your postal address or point to a place on the map, then click on “isodistance” and enter 1 kilometer distance. Then don’t forget to press “Calculate”. A green zone then appears on the map: this is the zone authorized for your sports activities.

As we specified above, there are other more classic methods, but which will certainly be less accurate than this one. It is important to specify that the elementary and basic rule to apply is to stay at home, go out only if necessary.

You can find all the information on the travel certificate on smartphone, PDF and Word file at this address.

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