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How To Become A Professional Poker Player And Win All The Time

How To Become A Professional Poker Player And Win All The Time


All people can discover ways to play poker like the professionals (properly, a minimum of these critical sufficient), however successful “every” time is the difficult half. This is all about how to become a professional poker player.

Except you’re a masochist, no person likes shedding and everyone desires to win each time, particularly at poker when the stakes are excessive.

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You understand what I imply.

Poker gamers, each amateur, and professionals knew proper from the beginning what it felt to win your first hand with a play you don’t even perceive.

The sound of card shuffles, the texture of the felt, the splash of chips. All of them contribute to poker’s general enchantment as a leisure sport.

If you wish to up your sport a notch and play just like the poker legends, there are such a lot of issues you can do.

However earlier than we go on to that and offer you tips about how one can enhance your sport and mimic the professionals, permit me to make clear a bunch of stuff to make issues clearer about poker on the whole.

How to become a professional poker player Understand the logic right here:


  • Poker is about two issues: Math and Psychology
  • It has an easy sports construction, nevertheless, it’s complicated proper down to the core
  • You want funds ($$$)


How To Become A Professional Poker Player

How to become a professional poker player: Poker Math and Psychology

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I’ve met lots of people who say that poker is about luck.

Pure luck.

You possibly can’t beat the sport as a result of when playing cards are concerned, you may do a lot about it.

I encourage varying.

Play Poker, similar to any card or playing video games, has been subjected to much educational research, particularly sport principle and different decision-based sciences.

If this isn’t true, then how come there are books on how math works for poker gamers?

If you wish to discover ways to play poker like the professionals and win each time, you should be prepared to simply accept that the secret is chance and if you know the way to capitalize on that, you then’re in your successful methods.

The likelihood performs an enormous function in every hand you play poker and essentially the almost every poker participant can do is make estimates.

You possibly can solely estimate utilizing chance what’s going to occur subsequently. It appears like a guessing sport, however, chance helps so much if you know the way to make use of it and you’ve got a fairly clear concept what you’re going up in opposition to.

Certain, luck performs a task within the sport, too, however, in poker parlance, we name it variance.

Play poker the nice outdated means


Merely put, the variance is the variety of instances a specific hand in which poker is more than likely to win. It’s not correct, however, a minimum of you may have a barometer to grasp whether or not the best way you’re enjoying is the right means.

There’s additionally no psychology concerned. Ever heard of tells? Tells are indicators individuals don’t know the mission to different individuals.

For those who’ve seen the film Rounders, the story of Matt Damon’s nemesis, John Malkovich, throughout their remaining heads-up match got here within the type of Oreo cookies.

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If Malkovich takes a chew of Oreos, it serves as a piece of information to Damon that Malkovich has a powerful hand. What if he doesn’t eat it, then Damon has him beat.

However, right here’s a catch: it’d be handy if we may see tells in that means once we play poker every time.

For one, that’s troublesome as a result of its importance to play continuous and iteratively to see these mundane gestures. One other can be to play with the identical individual, again and again, to grasp why he performs like that within the first place.

For {most professional} poker gamers, they can also do considerably identical. Utilizing math, they’ll just about estimate what the opposite participant is holding.

And simply to be clear, we mentioned this estimate. I keep in mind a brand-new participant requested me if I can inform what hand the opposite gamers are holding.

I smiled again and mentioned, “Sure and no.”


Confused, he requested me to elaborate. It informed him I couldn’t be 100 p.c certain what precisely is the poker hand my opponent is holding, however, I typically have a very good “feel” of what he has relied on his poker habits on the desk.

I defined additional and mentioned that I see tells not on individual’s faces, however, based mostly on their betting patterns.

You set the 2 collectively – math and psychology – you received half the battle.

Easy construction, complicated sport


The construction of poker could be very easy: you may have a bunch of individuals (normally a most of 9 gamers per desk), dealt two playing cards face down every and so they battle it out who has the perfect five-card mixture.

In sport principles, poker is classed as a “fixed game” with strict guidelines and an anticipated payout.

The participant who has the perfect hand wins and will get paid whereas the remainder finally ends up with nothing. In different phrases, poker is a zero-sum sport. There’s just one winner.

It appears to be like so easy, as poker greats used to say, “it takes a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.”

What’s so onerous about poker and how to become a professional poker player?


You may have several gamers taking turns clock-wise and so they’re given decisions whether or not to name or fold, increase or re-raise.

The crux of poker being a posh sport lies in huge chance and psychology the sport is thought for.

True, there is a finite variety of playing cards in a deck, however, the chance of touchdown a monster hand and getting the nuts is infinite.

Additionally, should you’re not ready for the swings, poker can drive you “nuts.” I’ve seen many huge males figuratively down on their knees with every dangerous beat and a few even attempts to manage tears from working down their cheeks.

It’s drama in actual life with a thousand “what ifs” – what if I’ve performed this hand differently?

What if the donkey participant didn’t name?

What if I simply stayed dwelling and didn’t lose sleep?

Poker could be very emotional proper via an individual’s core that’s why it’s a posh sport.

It’s not nearly playing cards; it’s poker.

To get cash, you want to cash

That is the stark actuality of poker as a leisure sport {and professional} sport.

It’s essential to be able to shell out money if you wish to play within the sport. Because the cliché goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

For those who’re after the leisure facet of poker and hope to win slightly a bit of money, you want cash.

It’s no completely different from watching a blood and gore film.

It’s important to pay for the ticket.

Do you wish to play bowling with your folks?

Then try to be able to pay for bowling lane use.

How rather more if you wish to discover ways to play poker like the professionals and win each time? Those that are contemplating making a dwelling out of poker have to make substantial funding.


You want funds to your buy-ins. You possibly can’t get pleasure from your dinner should you solely have a fork and a knife. And also you want a steak.

Now, let’s put these items apart briefly and have a look at the next ideas about how one can play poker like the professionals.

Earlier than the Flop (The Opening Hand)


Identical to within the sport of chess, the opening hand is essential to make sure victory or to keep away from a dreadful loss.

Most freshmen, particularly the intense ones, have problems greedy this idea.

For starters, I need you to recollect some fundamentals to the information you thru the method.

How To Become A Professional Poker Player

Opening palms to play


Though extremely criticized, Phil Helmuth’s prime ten opening monster palms have been guiding freshmen to assist them to quash low- to mid-level video games.

These poker palms made me begin successful more when I first began enjoying poker and determined to play extra severely originally of my profession. Sometimes I nonetheless play with these opening palms each time it fits me and I play it aggressively.

These opening palms are very useful particularly should you’re on the newbie degree and also you don’t but have an arsenal of a variety of palms which you could play with.

Keep in mind these opening palms should not etch in stone.

You may fluctuate your opening hand decisions, however placing Helmuth’s palms would assist so much.

Nevertheless, this technique of enjoying “only” these monster palms fell beneath heavy criticisms from different skilled poker gamers.

They argue that such a recommendation received play properly for freshmen who’re enjoying low-stakes video games. In the lowest-stakes poker video games (normally home video games), gamers would play virtually any hand only for the enjoyment and leisure a part of it.

Be that as it could, being handled monster palms is sweeter reasonably than simply enjoying any suited and non-connected playing cards.

They may even let you take a look at your power and emotional sports state how you’d play every monster’s hand.

As you play alongside, you’d develop the knack to develop your technique to learn how to go about your sport.

On Calling, Elevating and Re-raising

How To Become A Professional Poker Player

When do you name a wager?

Do you increase?

When do you re-raise?

How a lot do you have to wager?

How a lot do you have to re-raise?

These are the widespread questions freshmen ask as they discover poker and study extra concerning the sport.

The reply: It relies upon. Actually. A superb barometer for calling, elevating, and re-raising depends upon the next elements:

  • The hand you’re enjoying
  • Your place on the desk
  • The dimensions of your stack
  • The way you learn your opponents’ tells

The hand you’re enjoying


Conventional poker technique suggests that you just increase you probably have a monster hand like AA (or another monster hand of your choice) no matter your place on the desk.

The elevating habits would ship a sign to different gamers that you just’re certainly holding a monster hand.

Nevertheless, your increase depends upon one other issue: your desk picture.

For those who paint a picture of a tight-aggressive participant, your opponents usually tend to fold than interact you want that individual hand and play progress.

For those who’re the sort, who’s shedding and would play nearly any hand, count on to get referred to as by others on the desk.

Desk place


If alternatively, you’re holding a medium pair or suited connectors like double eights, the principle means that these palms are good to play while you’re in a mid-table place and there are not any raisers.

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And if there are raisers on this specific hand, don’t instantly fold.

Assess the quantity raised whether or not it’s price enjoying or not.

I like enjoying suited connectors particularly once I’m the final to behave (or particularly once I’m on the button).

I may hope for a lot of potential variations of hitting one thing on the flop or the possibility of getting a draw like a straight or a flush.

Stack measurement


The dimensions of your stack are as vital because the hand you’re holding.

The larger your stack, the broader your hand varies turns into.

You possibly can experiment with completely different palms, however, at all times watch out to not overdo it.

Poker is a sport of attrition.

The extra poker chip towers you may have, the extra you may dictate the way you and your opponents play.

Once you get a monster hand along with an enormous measurement of chips, you may limp to suck extra gamers in or play aggressive and go for the rapid kill.

The drawback to huge stacks, nonetheless, is while you get outdrawn in a play and also you’ve dedicated a sizeable portion of your stack.

Most poker gamers, together with execs, are inclined to tilt and lose composure.

Normally, gamers who tilt discover it troublesome to shift gears and play their finest as they’re sucked right into a collection of dangerous beats and dangerous performs.

Studying your opponents


Discovering your opponents’ tells isn’t rocket science.

Certain, it helps when you may see in case your opponent is holding his breath or reveals an occasional twitch.

Nevertheless, it may imply so many issues for thus many alternative gamers and many get confused that is why you refer to how to become a professional poker player

Some gamers, particularly freshmen, would splash chips with their palms shaking.

To most experts, a shaking hand is an indication of somebody holding a powerful hand.

Execs (a minimum of these you see within the films) would usually fold their palms.

However what if the newbie’s shaking palms should not indicators of power, however of weak spot?

What if that’s his final probability of getting again into the sport and he is aware of he was already beat?

The easiest way to get an opponent tells is by observing the style of his bets.

Most gamers, particularly the nice ones, fluctuate the best way they wager to cover data on what hand they enjoying.

Eventually, and while you’ve developed your poker acumen, you’ll be stunned to accurately estimate the palms your opponents are holding.

The key is: There’s no secret. It’s important to pay extra as a lot as you may and find out how individuals behave (wager) on the desk.

Put money into the sport


Earlier we mentioned that poker requires cash to get cash.

Effectively, there’s one other type of money freshmen are inclined to overlook: Time.

Time is gold as most individuals say. It’s. Time is the equal of cash in its strict enterprise sense. And how to become a professional poker player will definitely guide you.

In poker, you must play a minimum of 2,000 hours so that you can get affordable statistics of your sport to generate ample knowledge on the way you play.

To discover ways to play poker like the professionals and win each time means placing within the hours similar to everyone else the best way a financial institution worker kills his time in the entrance of a teller machine.

Aside from the two hours that you just spend on the desk, you additionally have to put money into books and movies to learn and to look at how the professionals do it.

Poker is an evolution in card video games – it’s survival of the fittest. And the fittest are those that may adapt, mimic, and incorporate the nice and throw away the dangerous.

What number of poker books have you ever learn up to now?

Or how many How To Become A Professional Poker Player have you read till now?

What number of WPT collection have you ever seen online or on cable TV?

Have you ever joined poker boards and mentioned yours performs and exchanged concepts with different gamers?

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That is what we imply by funding.

It’s greater than the sum of money you placed on the poker desk each resides and on-line.

Final Words on how to become a professional poker player


Martin Van Rue as soon as mentioned, “the devil is in the details.” There are numerous issues to think about earlier than one begins to play poker like a professional.

However, it’s important to begin to play poker someplace.

There are such a lot of issues we can speak about and the pages of this text will run for miles and miles and nonetheless we received it be capable of cowl something.

Over to You for how to become a professional poker player.


If you found this post helpful, got any value from it whatsoever, or think it sucked and would like to share your views or questions.

Please do so in the comments. I would love to have your feedback to create better content. 

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