Tuesday, January 26

How to avoid mouse syndrome and finger cramps

If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, your mouse hand may bother you at some point or you suffer cramps or stiffness, it is known as mouse syndrome. All work involves some type of repetition or posture that can cause injury. The most mentioned example is usually that of the supermarket cashier and problems with the carpal tunnel, but this same injury can also occur in office work or in front of the computer, the so-called mouse syndrome is a growing evil . How many hours a day do you spend in front of the screen with your hand on the mouse or typing on the keyboard? If this happens for almost a third of your time, it is possible that at some point you will have discomfort or that over the years you will develop problems. This is not a new problem, as in 2007 there were 200,000 sick people a year in the United States due to the mouse, according to Cinco Días. Mouse syndrome usually makes an appearance with pain in the back of the hand, cramps in the elbows, and tingling in the fingers. Wireless mouse with 2.4Ghz USB adapter, speed control button, scroll wheel and thumb direction control. Totally ergonomic and very economical. Repetitive movement, continuous and sometimes unnatural posture, being in an unsuitable position in front of the computer, tension when pressing the mouse … There are different reasons for suffering this disease, but there are some ways to avoid it or counteract the problems. Find the most ergonomic mouse possible. Don’t go for the cheapest when you are going to spend a third of your day with it in hand. In this report you can see the best ergonomic mice. Try that the lower part of the hand is well supported and not in the air. If it slides badly, use a mat to minimize movements. Use a stress ball or similar item from time to time to loosen your fingers, build strength, and release tension. Take short breaks, get up, stretch, and take a breath. When the time comes, if you get injured go to a specialist. The problem with these syndromes is that they do not go away on their own, once they appear they must be stopped by means of better practices or going to cure them. As with any activity, it is best to act in the healthiest way possible.


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