Wednesday, October 21

How to add virtual post-its to the home screen of your iPhone

Leaving notes with tasks that you cannot forget is not a thing of the past, now you can also do it on the home screen of your iPhone. Post-its on the fridge or computer screen are increasingly a thing of the past. Now we put alarms or reminders on mobile phones or applications, but if we want to use a similar function, with your iPhone it is more than possible thanks to the Sticky Widgets application. As you will see, this simple application allows you to place a post-it on the home screen of your iPhone so that you can leave notes with pending tasks, phone numbers or any information you want to keep in mind, and all with a couple of clicks. Although you can do it if you already have your device updated to iOS 14. Thanks to the Sticky Widgets application you can add these stickers in the size you want (small, medium or large) and edit your text in seconds or delete it. As you have done your whole life with post-its. Apple introduces iOS 14 with a new home screen, floating widgets, Picture in Picture, and much more. The first thing you have to do is download the application on your iPhone, here is the link. To add one of these stickers, when you have installed the application you just have to press a part of your home screen that is without any element and press + in the upper left part. Among the different options that appear, Sticky Widgets points out. Apple has launched a new iPad Air 4 (2020) in which it approaches the aesthetic aspect of the iPad Pro and incorporates some improvements. Is it enough to be worth it? Among the options that open you have to click Add widget and start configuring the different characteristics that it gives you, such as the size or the color in which you want it to appear. Then add the text you want. Once the changes are made, go back to the home page and you will see that the post-it has been added. If you click on it it is possible to edit it, from the color to the font, but also to delete it or modify the text. Here below you will see the options that appear and the color change. As you can see, it is very easy to use and will make sure you do not forget your tasks: every time you activate your mobile they will be there to remind you of what you have pending.

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