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how to add custom background

Google is gradually rolling out a new feature on its Google Meet video conferencing service: the ability to add a personalized background in this case. But beware, the latter must not be a proprietary image.

With the establishment of a second lockdown in France, which is also observed in several other European countries, virtual meetings will once again be the norm for many teleworkers. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet videoconferencing services are among the main solutions used and are constantly being enriched in functionality to make themselves ever more attractive.

Gradual deployment over a week

The Google platform has been offering since Friday, October 30 a new tool likely to appeal to its community: the possibility of inserting a background during a conference. Deployed on Chrome OS, macOS and Windows, this novelty will land later on our mobile devices, assures the Mountain View firm in an official blog post.

Google Meet video conferencing service

The Google Meet videoconferencing service // Gamesdone: Google

What types of images can be added in the background? The Californian group offers you to choose from preselected images, but also to add personalized photos – up to 10 maximum, per meeting – directly from your desktop. But beware: as warns the French support page, these images “must never contain private, proprietary or confidential information».

Google Meet

Google Meet

In other words, using a copyrighted photo for your background without permission can get you in trouble if the photo owner notices. Although this should, let’s say it, never happen.

Google Meet: how to add a custom background?

To enjoy a personalized background on a Google Meet meeting, a few very simple steps must be followed:

  • Once a meeting has started, click on the tab represented by three small vertical dots located at the bottom right of your interface;
  • Then click on “Change the background”;
  • You will then access the backgrounds offered by Google;
  • To import yours, click on the “+” button.

Google enumerates a list of criteria to be respected to add without hassle your personalized background: the photo must be a JPG or JPEG file, with a landscape orientation (horizontal), a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p and a maximum size of 16 MB .

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