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how to activate vanish mode ephemeral messages


Facebook has deployed a new feature on its Messenger and Instagram applications: Vanish mode, which corresponds to ephemeral messages. These are automatically deleted after being viewed. Here’s how to activate it.

On November 12, 2020, the Facebook teams presented a brand new feature reserved for the Messenger and Instagram platforms. Vanish mode in this case, which takes up one of Snapchat’s flagship features: that of being able to send messages capable of automatically deleting themselves once viewed.

Tutorial: how to activate ephemeral mode on Messenger

These ephemeral messages are now available on the Messenger messaging service (still pending on Instagram). How to activate them? Here is our tutorial.

There are two ways to activate Vanish mode on Messenger, the first is by swiping your finger up from the bottom of a conversation. An indication “Hold down to activate ephemeral mode»Will appear with a circular gauge which fills up in a second top stopwatch. The interface will then automatically lead you to a conversation with the famous mode.

Another more classic but also longer way allows you to enjoy it. To do this, simply follow the following steps:

  • Click on the “ℹ” icon at the top right of the conversation to access the settings;
  • Click on the “Ephemeral Mode” tab;
  • Activate it with a single click;
  • Press the “back” arrows to return to the conversation, which is then displayed in ephemeral mode.

When you activate ephemeral mode and send a message to a friend, they instantly receive it in a dedicated conversation window. If he sees your post, it will automatically disappear if you exit and return to the discussion.

To deactivate the mode, a button “Disable ephemeral modeIs highlighted at the top of the interface. Clicking on it then takes you back to your original conversation. Note that this feature is not available in group conversations, and a written indication notifies you when a screenshot has been taken.




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