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How Orange intends to add WiFi 6 to its Liveboxes without having to replace them

How does Orange intend to make up for the delay in wireless connectivity of the Livebox 5? Thanks to a two-in-one Wi-Fi repeater, this is indicated by one of the Lab’s projects revealed by the media Inpact-Hardware.

Orange Proxima Project

Orange Proxima project // Gamesdone: Inpact-Hardware / Orange

Inpact-Hardware got its hands on one of the Orange Lab projects. The Orange Lab is a platform, accessible to all, where the French operator has his next products and services tested by panels of handpicked testers. It is on this platform that 5G is tested with a few users. Logically, the selected panelists are supposed to keep the confidentiality of the tested projects, nevertheless some have provided some information on one of the probable next announcements of Orange.

A Wi-Fi repeater 5

This is the Proxima project, a Wi-Fi repeater that can be connected to the Livebox to extend Wi-Fi coverage. The latter connects directly to an electrical outlet via a power supply. So far, nothing extraordinary because this type of material exists from all internet service providers. For example, Free unveiled its Wi-Fi repeater with the new Freebox Pop box.

Orange Proxima Project

Orange Proxima project // Gamesdone: Inpact-Hardware / Orange

When used as a repeater, this equipment broadcasts Wi-Fi 5 signals… since it is connected to the Wi-Fi 5 network of the Livebox 5 or Livebox 4.

It is also a Wi-Fi router 6

Where it gets interesting is that this Wi-Fi repeater can also replace the Wi-Fi module of a Livebox 4 or 5. In this case, it connects directly to the Livebox via an Ethernet socket, and the Wi-Fi module. Fi of the box is disabled.

Orange Proxima Project

Orange Proxima project // Gamesdone: Inpact-Hardware / Orange

For the moment, no technical indication on the performance of Wi-Fi is given, we do not know the signal strength, nor the number of antennas, nor the frequency bands taken into account … only the connection between this equipment and the Livebox is via a 1 Gbit / s Ethernet port. The speed of Wi-Fi 6 will therefore theoretically be limited by this link.

Closing the delay of the Livebox 5

This solution would allow the Livebox 5, but also the Livebox 4, to benefit from Wi-Fi 6 which is supposed to offer better stability, greater capacity and better speeds.

As a reminder, the Livebox 5, like the Freebox Pop, are not compatible with this new wireless standard, unlike the new boxes from Bouygues Telecom (Bbox Fiber Wi-Fi 6) and SFR (Box 8).

Fiber, Cable

RED box Fibre

2 days

Flow up to 1 Gb/s

Without TV Player

Telephony to 100 destinations

ADSL, Fiber

Freebox Pop

Flow up to 5 Gb/s

220 TV channels included

Telephony to 110 destinations

Fiber, Cable

SFR Fiber

1 week

Flow up to 500 Mb / s

160 TV channels included

Telephony to 100 destinations

All internet boxes

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