Tuesday, October 20

How long does the tea take to work?

Just as there are caffeine addicts, there are also theine addicts, but do you know how long it takes for tea to take effect? Now that the cold is coming to our country, we are beginning to appreciate taking a very hot infusion from time to time. Some people prefer pennyroyal, others linden or chamomile … but the most successful drink of this type is tea. Be it green, black, white or of any kind, teas also usually have theine, which serves as a stimulant. It is well known that theine has a slower effect than caffeine. If when drinking coffee we can notice the impulse it provokes in less than half an hour, the tea has a somewhat slower action, but in return it also loses its strength more slowly. Theine acts in a more gradual way that usually begins to be felt after half an hour in a mild way and it grows without that shock that coffee offers; and then it is also lost more slowly, so much so that the effect can last up to 3 hours. This slower speed when acting and disappearing comes from the polyphenols that act as a brake on its effect, according to Tea Point. Without them, his performance would be very similar to that of coffee. This delay means that drinking tea after a certain time in the afternoon can affect sleeping and that it is not recommended to drink after six if you have problems falling asleep. That is why other types of hot drinks are usually chosen to accompany dinner. This Xiaomi smart bracelet is available in Asia and some Spanish stores, such as Amazon. It comes with better autonomy and more precision in the sensors. Fortunately, the variety of possible infusions is as extensive as the ways to prepare tea. Whether with water, milk, sugar, honey, lemon or many other options that make this drink many things, less boring.


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