Monday, January 25

How do you view Black Friday?

Every year, Black Friday gives pride of place to promotions and other great deals on hundreds of products. If the new technology sector is greatly affected by this commercial event, are you as much? This is our poll of the week.

Every year it’s the same song. Black Friday is the essential shopping event for the month of November, during which major brands and e-commerce platforms offer a host of promotions on all kinds of products, even if electronics is one of the most popular areas. more popular with consumers.

Democratized since 2014 in France, Black Friday is now preceded by Black Week, while being succeeded by Cyber ​​Monday. Clearly, this meeting no longer boils down to a single day of good plans, but several weeks. The opportunity each time to get your hands on interesting business.

Since 2020 is definitely not a vintage like any other, French Black Friday has been postponed by one week in agreement with the authorities. But in reality, nothing suggests it: the number of promotions is sweeping the Net like an avalanche that falls on the side of a mountain.

For you, what is Black Friday?

But what interests us today is your perception of this commercial event. That’s the whole point of our survey for the week: how do you view Black Friday? Do you look forward to it every year? Are you holding back from buying anything weeks or months before to take advantage of the best deals? Tell us everything!


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As always, do not hesitate to argue your answer in the comments, or to qualify it if necessary. We will update this article at the end of next week with the most relevant comments.

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