Sunday, October 25

How are Google TV and Android TV different?

You may have a television or an Android TV media player at home. But lately Google has started promoting Google TV. Is the same? Well yes … and no. Let’s see what the differences are. Google launched a few years ago an operating system focused on televisions and multimedia devices, called Android TV. Over time it has become very popular. It is used by many TV manufacturers to offer streaming platforms and other applications, and also multimedia players that are used to add these platforms to old TVs, or to play our videos and other content, from the old Chromecast to the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, and many more. But for a while Google has stopped using the name Android TV and has started using Google TV, for example with its new Chromecast with Google TV. It’s still Android TV … but with an extra layer. Confused? Let’s explain it clearly. Android TV is an operating system based on the mobile Android. The latest version of Android TV is based on Android 9. For a little over a year, Google decided to change the name of Android TV to Google TV, whose first version is based on Android 10. This device will allow you to play content on your television without depending on the mobile. In addition, the virtual assistant Google Assistant is integrated. Therefore … can we conclude that Google TV is the same as Android TV but with a more modern version of Android? Not quite. Google TV uses Android 10, but it also includes an additional layer that completely changes the interface and its functions, compared to Android TV. Using artificial intelligence and history of use, it recommends series and movies based on our tastes, on the platforms we are subscribed to. It also allows you to create a To Do List with content to view later. We can send new videos, series and movies from mobile or computer, and they will be added to our list on TV. It is also possible to transmit our own videos from the mobile or PC. The new Chromecast 2020 includes Google TV, a system that allows us to have applications within the device and that is controlled with the remote, unlike the Chromecast we had until now. It supports 4K resolution at 60 fps, is HDR and Dolby Vision certified. In short, we can say that Google TV is the replacement for Android TV, which not only uses a more modern operating system, but also has a different interface with new more modern and practical functions. If you are going to buy a device or a TV and you can choose, opt for Google TV, it is more modern and has more functions.

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